how Web3 is transforming the future of active and outdoor markets

As we all head towards an unprecedented future marked by global conflict, climate emergency and a lifestyle now-post-pandemic, it is becoming clear that our progress must respond to the collective interest.

Consumers are now turning to creative brands that integrate technology and provide access to everyday products with an emphasis on sustainability and interactive community building. Words like NFT, Web3 and blockchain continue to grow in importance and spark curiosity as we learn to use these emerging technologies to create smarter products for the growing market of informed consumers. Deciphering these digital advances in the Active and Outdoor markets, through the prism of sustainability.


Fashion Snoops is a global trend forecasting agency that helps leading brands around the world innovate and drive growth. This report on the future of the activewear and outdoor markets was written by Rachael Gentner, Director of Activewear at FS. More information on Fashion Snoops here

Early Majority (Photo courtesy of Brand via Fashion Snoops)

How to (re)connect

Both tools and the fruit of entrepreneurial audacity, NFTs are just the beginning of what can be done with non-fungible tokens – which in particular give access to the digital wallet. By taking an interest in this topic, brands offer a new buying power that relies on a collaborative voice and an alternative community, going far beyond the simple purchase of physical products.

Consumers are no longer passive. This mode of purchase creates an opportunity for deeper engagement through members-only platforms where they can participate in design realization, future product development, access exclusive digital benefits and IRL events, but also cultivate and develop a spiritual community. By sharing the microphone, brands have the opportunity to build a collective team based on the mindset of their communities around the world.

Web3 presents a vast unexplored area, so it’s no wonder it attracts the forward-thinking minds of the outdoor community, accustomed to exploration and challenge.

For Ty Haney, founder of athletic recreation company Outdoor Voices and CBD/THC sports energy company Joggy, the move to a more community-focused platform was an obvious step. His latest project, Try Your Best, is a user-friendly approach to Web3 aimed at those who are familiar with social media but still struggling to grasp the idea of ​​blockchain-based platforms and cryptocurrency purchases.

By shifting brands’ focus to a decentralized space, TYB (Try the Best) aims to advance the future of direct-to-consumer shopping, while shedding traditional algorithm-driven social marketing to reclaim control over relationship building and customer engagement. A sense of co-creation is emerging on the TYB blockchain, where consumers digitally connect with their favorite brands and are rewarded with NFTs and tokens in exchange for virtual engagement, such as product reviews and sharing with friends. On the Ty Haney platform, the connection that is created between products and consumers continues to grow and evolve beyond the first click, creating a synergistic partnership of shared value and limitless collaboration.

Courtesy of Early Majority (Photo courtesy of Brand via Fashion Snoops)

A new site to explore

Finding groups that make us feel like we exist while celebrating our collective desire and passion is at the heart of any great community. We look to others for inspiration and upliftment, challenging our own limitations as we work together toward a common goal.

In so-called Active & Outdoor communities, groups celebrate diversity and push for greater inclusion. The same mindset is being redesigned and restructured through digital communities.

Brands such as Early Majority, which designs outdoor clothing – based in Paris but managed remotely – offer insights into how the outdoors can integrate NFT technology and promote a de-scaling approach. the fashion industry.

Founder Joy Howard, among others the former vice president of global marketing at Patagonia, is determined to shake up the system by offering highly versatile models that prioritize functionality and community. By creating a membership-based business, its brand accompanies purchases with benefits such as outdoor events, group product exchanges and participation in the development and design of future products. Leveraging Web3 offers real ownership, with a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) designed to help shape brand purpose while allowing membership to grow and diversify with new voices and ideas.

The early majority team has also created interchangeable member badges, which provide the holder with lifetime access, as well as the ability to redeem the badges to support various activist-minded foundations, inclusive outdoor groups and artists.

By encouraging more human-centered interactions by taking digital roots, companies like aim to reconnect with nature (for example, outdoor experiences and healthier food) through technology. Their mission, as an NFT marketplace, is to promote the outdoors by partnering with top athletes, young artists and leaders on the field. The platform offers rewards and benefits that grow as the user explores nature, protects the planet and creates a deeper connection with the community.

Courtesy of Early Majority (Photo courtesy of Brand via Fashion Snoops)

The Betterverse

Eco-anxiety, or climate anxiety, makes us question more and settle for less. Consumers place sustainability needs at the forefront of product design and favor brands that fully embody ecological consciousness.

While NFT, web3 and blockchain technology raise important questions about their impact on the environment, many platforms are applying their forward-looking philosophy to the digital realm, achieving carbon neutrality, carbon capture or becoming negative effects of carbon.

Companies such as Eco Labs work with brands to ensure their NFT collections and Web3 activities are verifiably stable. To do this, they emphasize eco-regeneration and biodiversity protection to offset environmental impacts and digital footprints.

As consumers seek deeper insights into their purchases, blockchain platforms can uncover more open source data and insights to ensure fully traceable shopping experiences.

Technology continues to evolve and so does our desire to make a difference in the world around us. We recognize the current climate emergency and the power each of us has when it comes to purchasing and creating products with a greater purpose. Sustainability and collective diversity are two driving factors surrounding the future of outdoor product design. Web3, NFT and blockchain platforms here provide a forward-thinking approach to motivate and steer us towards eco-optimistic possibilities. Viewing these digital innovations as a disruptive tool—not a means to an end—gives us the opportunity to become the most informed and sustainable ancestors of tomorrow.

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