How to schedule your internet box’s WiFi disconnection?

Want your internet box to automatically turn off its WiFi signal for a certain period? It’s easy, just follow the guide!

There are many reasons why you might want to automatically disable your internet box’s WiFi. They can be ecological and economical in nature to consume lesspower, or practical (to prevent children from using the Internet at certain times, for example). Here’s how to set Freebox, Livebox or other Bbox wireless network auto-off and on very easily.

Note that the steps given below may vary slightly depending on your device models and updates, but the general idea always remains the same. In addition, during the first connection to your network of applications and services discussed below, additional steps (identifier information and Passwordsauthorizations…), not shown here, may be necessary.

How to plan the disappearance of WiFi in a free box?

To adjust the WiFi signal behavior of a Freebox (Mini, Revolution, Delta, etc.), the easiest way will be to go through the Freebox Connect mobile application.

  • After it has been downloaded from the store adapted to your iOS or Android terminal, make sure that your device is connected to the WiFi of your Free box.
  • In the app, go to the “Network” menu, then the “Scheduled WiFi shutdown” section.
  • All that remains is to select a specific location by swiping. It is possible to choose different ranges for each day, or an identical break for the whole week.

It is also possible to switch through the administration interface via a computer, since “. You will need to go to “Free Box Settings”, “Wi-Fi”, “Manage Scheduling”.

How to plan the disappearance of WiFi in an orange box?

To automatically turn off your WiFi Livebox (4, 5 or 6) at certain times, the easiest way will be to recover the “My Livebox” mobile app on Android or iOS.

  • Connect the mobile device with the application to the WiFi network live box worried.
  • Go to the WiFi Settings menu and then tap Plan.
  • There, a schedule makes it possible to adjust the days and hours of WiFi activation or not.

    If you prefer to switch to the desktop interface, go to ” in your web browser. Go to the “My WiFi” tab, then “WiFi settings” and finally “set WiFi activation range”.

    How to plan the disappearance of WiFi in a Bouygues box?

    Bouygues’ Espace Client mobile application does not (yet) offer to manage the automatic disappearance of WiFi. The official website, however, talks about the future arrival of this feature. Until this happens, you will need to go through the Bbox administration interface from a computer.

    • come in” “in yours Navigator web and log in with your credentials.
    • Direction “WiFi”, then “Timesheet”.
    • A weekly calendar then allows you to choose the days or time periods when WiFi will be enabled or not.

      How to schedule WiFi outage in an SFR box?

      The SFR mobile app does not allow you to manage WiFi activation intervals. It will therefore be necessary to switch to a computer and the administration interface of its box.

      • On a computer connected to your network Pageaddress the following: “.
      • Once connected, go to the “Eco” tab, then “WiFi Schedule”.
      • Activate the function and click on “Valid”.
      • Determine the activation range using the proposed table and save.
      • On some SFR box models, your box’s eco mode must then be enabled for these ranges to apply. All you have to do is press the appropriate button on the case.

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