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Have you ever noticed that certain brand images are easier to remember? The concept has become a key criterion for your customers and partners. Brand is defined as how customers and suppliers perceive your business.

Thus, it can positively affect your sales figure and traffic to your website. As you will have realized, a brand image is an effective asset for building customer loyalty.

What are the best practices to strengthen it in 2022? Find the answers in our article.

Brand image: an attempt at definition

Brand image is defined as how a third party perceives a company. These can be customers, suppliers, investors or employees.

This perception is built through the services and products that the brand offers, through its advertising actions or even through the values ​​it conveys. The term translates into English as ” brand “. During the conquest of the West, the word meant branding with a hot iron. Today, it defines all the steps to develop a strong brand image.

In the era of digitizationOnline presence is a double-edged sword for businesses. It can be used to easily spread a positive image of your company. However, it can also damage your reputation. A model of effective branding it must generate a reaction from the target audience. The message conveyed must influence the public.

Why is branding so important?

importance to brand image

Brand image occupies an essential place in a company as it is the detail that constantly remains in the minds of consumers.

Indeed, the latter easily preserve the responsiveness of customer service, product quality, original messages on your site, etc.

These elements allow you to attract new prospects while maintaining existing customers. One branded content agency calls this strategy ” marketing jersey “, Look This page to learn more.

Among the most famous examples is the Apple brand, which is guided by the charisma of its founder Steve Jobs. The apple brand has become a leader in its sector by focusing on what users expect. However, their products are not that different from their competitors. For its part, MacDonald’s has been able to keep the attention of consumers despite the poor image of fast food in the world. The company was able to build customer loyalty and attract new prospects thanks to an effective communication strategy. These two examples show the importance of a quality branding strategy.

Distinguish between reputation, fame and brand image

These three terms are often confused. However, they refer to different and complementary concepts at the same time. Branding refers to the image the public perceives of your business. Your products and services will influence this perception. There are three image levels:

  • perceived brand image: how your target perceives your company;
  • true brand image: a perception that takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of your brand in reality;
  • desired brand image: how you want the target to perceive your brand.

of the reputation refers to how consumers view your business. They can create a favorable or negative opinion of you. Therefore, it corresponds to the perceived image. To maintain a good reputation, the brand must maintain a certain coherence between the desired image, the real image and the perceived image. of fame, on the other hand, refers to the public’s knowledge of the brand. It refers to the level of visibility of your business in search engines and social networks.

Tips to improve your brand image online

Whether you are an SME or an international company, online presence is essential to increase your visibility. However, without a strong brand image, this presence loses its importance. How to reinforce this image?

Embodying values: green marketing

This is a great way for consumers to easily identify with your business. To do this, you need to build a brand image consistent with your values. You need to highlight a core value. Communication and branding objectives will revolve around this value. Consumers attach special importance to green marketing. This phenomenon is justified by the current climate and environmental problems.

It results in the abandonment of excellence at the design level. Countries are moving towards natural colors and raw textures reminiscent of nature. This approach is part of a strategy environmentally friendly AND against waste. of green marketing it is more than a visual aspect. Consumers want to buy sustainable products that are associated with an environmentally friendly brand. Conveying this value goes beyond using brown and green in your graphic charter.

Social networks: your asset to communicate

According to a recent survey, individuals spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes of their time online. Social networks occupy a large part of this time. This is why having a website is no longer enough. You need to find new prospects on these new platforms which are mainly used by Millennials and Generation Y. How to network?

This consists of providing content in several formats on your pages. They influence the customer’s purchase journey. By consuming the content, the target is redirected to your e-commerce site. The challenge is to develop a focused brand image on social media. This is especially the case if prospects evolve on major platforms like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Visual identity: essential to making an impression

When a user lands on your site, you visual identity it’s the first thing I notice first. This is why it is important to create a strong graphic card, slogan and logo. These elements should convey a coherent and clear image of your company.

During his next visits, the client should easily recognize your site, feel in a familiar environment. How to achieve it? Do you already have ideas in mind? It remains only to make them a reality with the support of a professional. Some branded content agencies offer a variety of services to develop your brand image.

Customer experience: crucial to a strong brand image

Currently, some companies are moving towards a process of customer-centric. This strategy consists of placing customers at the center of your communication. This means that the customer is king. Offer him the opportunity to give feedback on your products on social networks or on your website.

Taking these thoughts into account has many advantages. Customers believe that the company listens to them, that it takes them into account experience and their consideration. At the same time, the brand wants to reduce negative reviews based on these reviews. This allows you to build a quality brand image based on customer satisfaction.


Even if you have a good reputation in the eyes of your customers, it does you no good if you lack visibility. You need to put in place a strong communication strategy to highlight this positive image of your brand. Several tools are at your disposal for itincrease visibility. You can multiply the content on social networks and the website, participate in fairs or physical or online shows, set a posting strategy, etc.

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