13th edition of documentary film in the Hautes-Pyrénées from November 3 to 29 – LOURDES-ACTU

The 13th edition of Documentary Film Month will be held in the Hautes-Pyrénées from November 3 to 29.

The Media Department Library, a service of the Department, organizes and coordinates this event completely free of charge.

11 films will be shown this year during 27 screenings in different places of the territory: cinemas, libraries,
community halls, colleges…


Anxious to make young people aware of the documentary film, the Department has included in this new edition screenings specifically intended for high school students.
Produced by a Tarbes production company, the documentary “Les Hautes-Pyrénées par les cimes” will be presented in schools 8 times in the presence of its two directors, Baptiste Cibat and Rémi Férodet.

“Les Hautes-Pyrénées par les cimes” recounts the adventure of Christophe Herbas, a trail enthusiast from Bagnères. In nine days, he covered 250 km in the mountains as close as possible to the Spanish border and climbed 21 peaks for 22,000 meters of elevation gain. An invitation to share a sporting adventure, human and above all solidarity.
All screening rights of this film will be donated to the “Baskets aux pieds” foundation, a non-profit organization that accompanies and facilitates the daily life of hospitalized children by introducing them to nature through virtual reality headsets.

Young people will also be honored among the films presented in the program for the entire audience:
“The Girl with the Oval Ball”, by Christophe Vindis. It tells the story of Marcella, a 16-year-old Malagasy girl who discovers rugby. A small revolution for her, especially since her agility makes the whole village tremble as soon as she grabs the ball.
“Under the silence the world rumbles”, by Alexandre Poulteau, asks us about the future of 6 teenage girls who are trying to rebuild themselves in a place to live after difficult childhoods. Can this community life give these young women a head start on stability and the energy to succeed?
“#So Vai”, by Capucine Boutte and Emmanuel Saunier, follows a Brazilian women’s rugby team’s tour of the Southwest. Gathered around a common passion, language barriers break down and facing the other becomes a unique opportunity to question one’s identity, culture, roots…

In addition to screenings at various partner locations, the Media Department Library offers a selection of documentaries online. These films are accessible to all readers registered in a library belonging to the public reading network of the departments. Viewing terms and conditions are available at: hapyblilio.fr

03/11 – 16:30 Cinema Le Casino de Cauterets – Shepherds of the Future
04/11 – 20:00 Aulon Citizen Space – #So Vai
10/11 – 18:00 Omex Village Hall – La ferme à Gégé
11/11 – 6.30 pm Arras-en-Lavedan Village Hall – Gégé Farm
13/11 – 14.30 Escaladieu Abbey – Let’s eat!
17/11 – 18:00 Media library of Vic-en-Bigorre – Farm in Gégé
18/11 – 18.30 Esparros Village Hall – The young girl and the oval ball
19/11 – 17:30 Arreau Town Hall Exhibition Hall – My Zero Waste Life
19/11 – 18:00 Multi-activity and cultural hall Pouyastruc – The young girl and the oval ball
19/11 – 20:30 Cinema at Maison de la Vallée in Luz Saint Sauveur – Under the silence the world rumbles
20/11 – 16:00 Montgaillard Library Young Girl and the Oval Ball
24/11 – 20:30 House of Knowledge Saint-Laurent de Neste – Our Shadows of Algeria
25/11 – 14:00 René Billères Climate High School in Argelès-Gazost – Our Shadows in Algeria
25/11 – 18:00 Salle des fêtes de Pouzac – Transhumance to happiness
25/11 – 18:30 Pierrefitte Village Hall – #So Vai
26/11 – 20:00 Layrisse Village Hall – #So Vai
29/11 – 18.30 Simone Veil media library in Bagnères-de-Bigorre – That one, the spirit of the mountains


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