PEAK-IT, iSense and Experis Ciber continue as Experis

IT resources PEAK-IT, iSense and Experis Ciber will officially continue as Experis Nederland, part of ManpowerGroup. After a full integration of the labels, which were already acquired in 2016 and 2018, Experis now operates as a major IT resource in the Netherlands with more than 1,500 IT professionals and 500 clients. To meet the growing challenges of IT, Experis foresees a trend of ‘open’ way of working among IT professionals that will spread to other sectors as well.

Currently, 24% of Dutch companies consider IT positions to be the most difficult to fill, and this will increase in the coming years, according to the recently published ManpowerGroup Job Outlook Survey. This growing scarcity and, at the same time, growing importance of IT professionals has changed a lot in recent years in the way employers and employees work. The transition to the new phase of Web 3.0 revolves around decentralization, individually controlled ownership and an open way of collaborating, accessing and offering knowledge and data. These open, person-centric features and structures characterize the way IT professionals work today and will work even more so in years to come. The ‘open way’ of where people work, how normal it is to constantly learn or retrain, and how IT people have opened up the standard career path, from trainee to manager.

continuing education

As part of the ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN), Experis can provide current and advanced training. Based on the personal needs of the professional, both in hard and soft skills and at all levels. Experis can also respond more quickly to fluctuating demand from the IT industry with new techniques in education and training.

Thijs Vermaat, Managing Director of Experis Nederland: “As a local relocation company, it is impossible to keep up with the training and education of international IT changes and innovations. Due to our size and strength, we are able to provide the IT professional, and therefore our clients, with the latest IT knowledge and expertise. This gives professionals the opportunity to follow courses at all levels within Experis and continue to grow. †

Defense, ABN AMRO and Signify

With the combination of PEAK-IT, iSense and Experis Ciber, Experis is able to offer a wide range of IT solutions as a one-stop shop for national and international organizations within the Netherlands. Furthermore, as an international company, Experis is able to move directly with new market developments and innovations within this rapidly changing sector. As part of Experis, the labels have already won major contracts and tenders for national and international clients, such as Defense, ABN AMRO and Signify. Marco Berkhout, member of MT and head of the Experis IT professionals section. “You can immediately see the importance of IT in the variety of assignments and bids we have won as Experis. Whereas in the past two people in the corner of a company maintained the servers, today IT has become the heart of the business for many companies. In all kinds of organizations: big financial institutions and the government, but also when it comes to the corner bakery.”

Direct growth through an inside-out acquisition strategy

After acquiring the labels in 2016 and 2018, Experis chose to continue operating the companies under their original names. With the goal of first working on a good amalgamation of the various labels, where IT professionals, customers, systems and culture were included in the transition from the inside. “Since the acquisition of the labels, the overlapping parts have been merged step by step. This also allowed us to retain people’s knowledge and skills,” says Thijs Vermaat. Since 2018, Experis Netherlands as a whole has already won several major orders, and earlier this year MT/Sprout chose them as the best ” Dutch company in digital transformation”. The integration has been completed since the beginning of June and the PEAK-IT, iSense and Experis Ciber labels have been officially replaced by Experis Nederland.

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