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Ziggo will increase the prices of most Internet subscriptions starting July 1. The more expensive Giga pack is actually cheaper. Subscriptions in combination with TV and calls are especially expensive. Ziggo has also included in its conditions the annual price increase.

Ziggo subscription prices without TV will increase the least. The most expensive package with a download speed of 1000Mbit/s and an upload speed of 50Mbit/s will be €3.50 cheaper per month. The somewhat hidden Basic subscription, which can only be found with a direct link, will be 2.50 euros per month more expensive.

On the pricing page, the provider doesn’t provide details about these plans, but the individual plan pages show the old and new prices. These are the subscriptions without online TV offered by Ziggo since last year. Ziggo subscriptions with digital cable and online TV through Ziggo Go have similar changes to those of internet onlysubscriptions

Subscription Price as of July 1, 2022 Actual Price Difference
Internet Basic 35 euros €32.50 +2.50 euros
internet home 43 euros €42.50 +0.50 euros
full internet 53 euros €52.95 +0.05 euros
Internet max. €60.50 €60.50
gigs of internet 62 euros €65.50 -3.50 euros
Subscription Price as of July 1, 2022 Actual Price Difference
Basic internet and cable TV 46 euros €43.50 +2.50 euros
Home Internet and Cable TV 49 euros €48.50 +0.50 euros
Full Internet and Cable TV 59 euros €58.95 +0.05 euros
Internet max. and cable television €66.50 €66.50
Giga Internet and cable TV 68 euros €71.50 -3.50 euros

Subscriptions with Interactive TV and All-in-1 Subscriptions

Subscriptions that combine Internet with interactive TV increase in price. The cheapest subscription has the biggest price increase of 2.50 euros per month. The most expensive Giga package will be 2 euros cheaper per month.

The biggest increase in price occurs in All-in-1 subscriptions, which in addition to interactive TV, also include landline calls. The Start subscription will be 3.50 euros per month more expensive. The Full subscription will be 3 euros more expensive and the Giga subscription will be 1 euro cheaper per month.

Subscription Price as of July 1, 2022 Actual Price Difference
Home Internet and TV €55.50 53 euros +2.50 euros
Internet and full TV €70.50 €68.50 +2 euros
Internet and TV max. 90 euros €88.50 +1.50 euros
Giga Internet and TV €91.50 €93.50 -2 euros
Subscription Price as of July 1, 2022 Actual Price Difference
Start all in 1 59 euros €55.50 +3.50 euros
All in 1 complete 74 euros 71 euros +3 euros
max. all in 1 €93.50 €91 +2.50 euros
All-in-1 Gig €95 €96 -€1
Price increases All-in-1 packages

Average price increase of 2.12 euros per month

According to Ziggo, the average price increase amounts to 2.12 euros per month. The provider says this is necessary due to higher costs, such as more expensive network equipment and a “massive price increase in network power consumption.” According to the provider, the use of data on the network continues to grow exponentially. Compared to 2019, consumption on the fixed network has grown by more than 60 percent, according to Ziggo. In addition, the provider claims that with the new price changes a step has been taken to ‘align rates so that customers with comparable package components pay approximately the same’.

Annual price increase in terms

Ziggo’s new terms and conditions state that the provider has the right to increase prices each year up to a percentage that corresponds to the Statistics Netherlands consumer price index. If that percentage is negative, Ziggo will not adjust prices. The provider says to change prices annually on July 1, which is already happening in practice. By including the price change in the conditions, customers with an ongoing contract are no longer contract-free after a price increase. At the moment this is still the case. The new terms and conditions will take effect for current customers on July 1, 2022 and will apply to new customers who sign up on or after May 9. Ziggo hasn’t announced the change in a big way; the details were noted by the broadband store.

Speed ​​increase from July 1

Ziggo is also speeding up various subscriptions starting July 1. The provider already announced it in April. Only the speed of Giga subscriptions does not change. Therefore, the upload speed of the fastest packet remains at 50 Mbit/s.

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