Bike shop wins from the internet with electric bike information

AMSTELVEEN – Figures from the annual GfK E-bike Monitor show that the physical store is still the most used source of information when buying an electric bike. The physical store is mainly used to view and test the bikes.

In addition, the store clerk plays an important role in obtaining information and advice. When buying an electric bicycle, the consumer is widely oriented. Many different types of information sources are consulted before making a final decision. Especially consumers who buy an electric bike for the first time need a lot of information. “The main source of information is the physical store, followed by the internet. Nearly 30% also get information from friends, family or acquaintances,” says Fidae Selmani, Account Manager Bikes at GfK. “A test ride is important when buying an electric bike. More than 90% of shoppers who visit a physical store take a test drive. This also explains the importance of the physical store.”

GfK: “The physical store is still important in the customer journey”

While in the Netherlands the physical store is number 1 in the targeting process, in Belgium and especially Germany we see a more varied palette of information sources being used. In these countries, the physical store is also an important point of information, but according to Selmani less important than in the Netherlands. “In Germany, friends, family or acquaintances are an even more important source of information than the bike shop. In all three countries, the physical store is visited primarily for a test drive. In Germany almost 90% of buyers take a test drive in a physical store, in Belgium it is just under 80%.”
For manufacturers and retailers, the physical store remains an important channel in the customer journey. Selmani sees clear differences in the age groups of buyers and the customer journey compared to the Dutch market. How these target groups differ and what the customer journey is when buying an electric bike is explained in detail in GfK’s annual electric bike consumer survey, reported in the E-bike Monitor 2022, to be published. soon.

New sample in autumn 2022

In 2018, the GfK E-bike Monitor was first launched in the Netherlands. Annual trends in target groups, motivation and purchasing behavior regarding electric bicycles are extensively investigated. Additionally, GfK can link insights to actual sales from GfK Retail data. The questionnaire is updated annually with current events.
Using a random sample, respondents within the target group of current and potential e-bike buyers were asked. The sample in the Netherlands was 2,000 respondents. In Germany and Belgium about 1,000 respondents. The survey was conducted in October 2021 and will be repeated this year in the same period, also adding the countries of France and Italy.


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