Soda Wins Ecommerce Gold DIA Award with

Amsterdam, June 3, 2022 – In collaboration with, a world leader in prepaid online payments, digital product design agency Soda won a Dutch Interactive Gold Award (DIA). In the e-commerce category, the case of the Amsterdam-based top-up platform convinced the expert jury.

Counter trend: pay now buy later
At, customers can get all kinds of prepaid credits: digital gift cards, coupons, mobile top-ups, prepaid in-app purchases, prepaid streaming subscriptions, and prepaid credit cards. The combination of speed, ease of use, variety of products and many payment options make the global platform for digital credit.

Totally against the world trend, the company is experiencing strong growth with the concept ‘Pay now, buy later’. “Especially in emerging markets like South America or the Middle East, consumers are increasingly using prepaid services instead of paying via credit or direct debit cards. This trend can also be seen in more prosperous countries where young people prefer not to be tied to subscriptions: young people do not want to be tied to all kinds of providers, they prefer pay-as-you-go methods to use online. services, because they are very flexible,” says Jeroen Siegerink, Category and Purchasing Director at

Dutch e-commerce players participate globally
To realize’s digital growth ambitions, Soda designed a future-proof and scalable platform that could be deployed on a global scale. Lead designer Jeroen van de Ruit explains: “The main challenge was designing a conversion-driven interface that would connect with multiple target groups. We don’t focus on one market or one continent, but instead develop a user experience that works well everywhere, including in Arab markets.”

Adds Siegerink: “ is growing very fast: where a rebranding process normally takes 6 months, we launched a platform in 3 months in collaboration with Soda, among others, without compromising quality. This shows that we have implemented something very good in the basics. We showed the professional jury that a Dutch company can conquer the world of e-commerce and grow year after year. That’s really cool.”

One platform for all users worldwide
Jeroen van de Ruit talks about the success of the platform: “Our strategy was to focus as much as possible on scalability, so that we can make every product and every payment method usable on every device. Regardless of where or why someone uses, the user should immediately be able to interact intuitively with the interface.”

“We are very proud of this long-term partnership and pleased to have been able to witness’s rapid growth and development up close. Together we have turned this market upside down.”

Quotation from the expert jury of the Dutch Interactive Awards
The jury found this platform promising: scalable, international, fast growing, with a smart approach. An example of an online business from a Dutch company. All in all, an impressive case with a global approach to gain an international position. In short: this has huge global potential and is ready for Web 3.0.
Customer value above all
Siegerink: “Winning this Dutch interactive award makes us extremely proud. We want to give consumers control over their spending, over their security when shopping online, but also over their entire identity when shopping online. Our business results show that customers are happy with us. In addition to that, it is very nice to receive recognition from professionals in the field.”

About the Dutch Interactive Awards
The DIAs are the awards for the best digital work by Dutch filmmakers, awarded by Emerce. Within 16 categories there is a gold and silver award for the most outstanding office projects and their clients.

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