This way you always get your favorite items at the lowest price.

We Dutch love discounts. As soon as the sale signs are in the store, we all quickly run to them. Why buy a product at full price when you can also rate it at a discount? The discounts sometimes go up to 70% and that of course saves a lot on your shopping budget. This allows you to buy significantly more than if you bought all the same items without a discount. So you can quickly wait for your favorite store or brand to put up the sale sign. Especially now that everything in life is getting considerably more expensive, it’s nice to be able to take advantage of all the discounts. How do you make sure you can always rate your clothes or other items at the lowest price?

Let others do the work for you

Do you love a certain brand? Or do you prefer to get your sportswear at a discount? Then you don’t have to search every store or website anymore thanks to SuperSales. They take that job off your hands. By setting up notifications, you will immediately be notified as soon as your favorite brand or a certain item is on sale. Very practical, because you can choose a brand, but also a specific item. So, have you found the ideal dress to wear to your best friends’ wedding, but it doesn’t fit your budget? Activate the notification and you will be notified immediately as soon as an offer is available. While you are busy with other things, you will still be informed about the best deals.

waiting for the sale

Stores can decide for themselves when the sale starts. So this may differ from each other. But, in general, the winter sale takes place from the end of December to January. In the summer this is often in June and July. This refers to the periods of great sales in which a large part of the material goes on sale. Discounts add up quickly. In this way they give way to new collections. Therefore, this is always the ideal time to look for new clothes. Of course, there are also various products on sale throughout the year, so always be on your toes. That dress you tried on this week but didn’t take because of the price may be on sale next week.

question of patience

Waiting for the sale sometimes means being patient. But if you know when to make the move, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run. It’s also good to think about when you buy certain items. In summer you should not think about buying a winter coat. On the contrary, in winter you do not usually expect new shoes or a swimsuit. But that way you buy products you really need at a later date for a much lower price. Just before or after Christmas, for example, you can buy Christmas balls at the lowest price. So you have to wait another year before you can wear them, but if you pick a neutral collection that you know you’ll like for a longer period of time, then no problem.

Compare prices

For some products, it is worth comparing prices from different stores or websites. Today it is much easier thanks to the internet. You can easily compare prices from different providers. There are also websites that do this for you. By investing a little time, you can sometimes quickly save tens of euros. Always be careful when stores rig prices or use misleading text. However, stricter rules will be introduced so that you as a consumer are no longer cheated. If you need a more expensive item, like a new dishwasher, it may help to keep an eye on the price for a while. Beware of offers during, for example, Black Friday. Some products are already offered for the same ‘discount’ a few months before. You can search the price history of a product on the Internet. This allows you to better estimate if the discount that is applied at that moment is really worth it or if you really do not get as good an offer as you thought.

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