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Crypto is of course known for its volatility. The price of, say, bitcoin is known to go up or down by tens of percentages in a few hours. This makes the currency uninteresting for everyone to “invest” in the short and medium term. Newcomers typically enter when price is moving towards a new high, not realizing that value can and usually will fall just as hard after that high. Historically, the coin stabilizes after this, but it’s already too late for newcomers. They are getting out of crypto because they got in too late. Result: A brief adventure in crypto ended with much disappointment.

However, the possibility of achieving a large return with a relatively small investment is enough to put disappointment aside and use what little crypto is left. This time on coins that appear as mushrooms here and there. The calls “meme coins” are known to be small except for a large community led by a famous person. The most famous example of this is dogecoin. This is known for having little content, but due to a large community and Elon Musk as the flag bearer, this currency more than once reaches a level where you can earn good money.

A tweet is usually enough to raise the price. Of course, this is a good thing if you’ve bought some just before that tweet, and therefore can benefit from the market’s hype after that message. However, this has nothing to do with a certain stability or security within the market, but rather resembles a “pump and pull†Bitcoin is also subject to pump and dumps to some extent, but the market capitalization is so large that it is a bit more complicated. Of course, you see these kinds of moves later if you look at the changes inside the wallets of the so-called “Whales

Real estate and crypto

“This could be better!” they thought of Fundum Capital when they started their concept. After years of experience in both the real estate and crypto sectors, they have decided to combine both markets, so that a certain stability can be guaranteed. Finally, real estate is known for generating relatively safe profits; unlike crypto where excesses fly around you. However, do you link this through a stable coina currency that will always remain stable regardless of market movement, an economy suddenly emerges around real estate that is both accessible and stable.

Stablecoins are known to provide a safe haven for those looking to keep their crypto earnings. Usually bitcoin (or other currencies) is sold for USDT. It is currently the most well-known stablecoin in the industry and is known to be pegged to the US dollar. Therefore, the value of 1 USDT is always close to 1 dollar. So a safe haven. Fundum Capital does not peg its stablecoin to a monetary unit, but to rental income from properties it owns. So per property there is a stablecoin that is valued at 100 euros each.

This valuation is used to calculate a maximum number of stabelcoins per property, so the return can be split based on ownership. If 100 stablecoins are tied to a property, 1 stablecoin provides 1% of the rental income. A stable return guaranteed by stable currency. Of course, this can differ by ownership, but in general, owning an FND stablecoin yields between 3% and 5% returns per year.

crypto economy

This is where Fundum Capital stands apart from all other coins, where even Bitcoin cannot compete with the guaranteed return of the FND stablecoin. To complete the picture, the stablecoin is pegged to the FND token – a coin like all other coins with the biggest difference being that it is used to buy the stablecoin and to pay monthly rental income to stablecoin holders. This creates a crypto economy that has no equal at the moment.

The crypto newcomer can, through the FND economy, get a coin that offers guaranteed returns without too much risk, regardless of the demand that will arise as more and more stablecoins are bought with the FND token. At the moment, three properties are hosted under their own stablecoin in the FND economy and it is possible to get a share of the rental income. In this way, short-term gains can be combined with long-term returns, meaning that investing in cryptocurrencies involves much less risk right away.

At the moment, the fastest and easiest way to get FND tokens is to create an account on through this link. As soon as you have the FND tokens in your ERC-20 wallet, you can immediately start investing in real estate!

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