Will we continue to measure online in the metaverse after the pandemic?

The metaverse was introduced to us at a time when we were still in lockdown due to the pandemic. Of course, we don’t know if the virus will spread faster by winter, but let’s assume it isn’t. Will the metaverse still be used for business?

ready player one

It is clear that the metaverse for entertainment offers absolute added value. Think of Ready Player One, think of metaverses like Roblox that already exist – the proof is there. The metaverse not only takes people to other worlds, but also brings them together. You meet the avatar of a Japanese man as if you were meeting him in real life at a busy station, when in reality he is 10,000 kilometers away from you.

So getting together in the metaverse is definitely something that will continue to happen, but what about business? Will we still go to a meeting with virtual reality glasses? And what about the events? Will a GP conference still take place online? There is no reason to think not. After all, in many companies the eyes of managers have been opened and it is seen that working in the office all the time is certainly not ideal.

Hybrid meetings

This gives you a kind of hybrid way of holding meetings. By having as few distractions as possible (and you do with the VR goggles), everyone in the meeting (including people in the office) can still enter the meeting as ‘equals’, rather than half muttering in a conference room, while the other half can barely keep up because they are connected. While it may sound strange to walk into a meeting wearing VR (or AR) goggles, it would be an ideal way to stay focused while making sure everyone is more equal within the meeting.

Events are a bit more complicated, because they often involve much more than a keynote speech. There are often multiple locations, there are booths, and of course it’s very important for networking. Being able to log in in different scenarios works well in itself, but you will miss the experience of the stands and the networking.

It’s also been noticed with Zoom during the pandemic: People feel less urgency to attend an online event when there are so many, in part because it’s less personal. Although it is so useful that now you can more easily switch from an event that actually takes place in New York to an event that takes place in Barcelona. It’s a bit easier to pay online than when you’re at an event like this.

Events in the metaverse

However, it’s not fair to compare a Zoom meeting to an event that would take place within the metaverse. After all, he can virtually go to a store (or stall) here. Networking can be a little less natural than in real life, but it’s not impossible to hang on to someone. However, it requires a completely different mindset, and the question is whether people want to change it.

This will probably take some time, as we first have to get used to the more private and entertainment side of the metaverse. So don’t write it off just yet, but don’t expect to be able to experience a well-known major event you know like the back of your hand in exactly the same way as in the metaverse.

A lot of money

At the same time, a lot of companies are pouring a lot of money into the metaverse, and they’re certainly not doing it just from an entertainment standpoint. Once a company engages with these virtual locations, they are more likely to think of solutions within that metaverse. As a result, there is a good chance that those companies will organize earlier meetings and events for their employees or experts in their field.

In the Netherlands, the metaverse also keeps people busy, although we don’t hear much about companies running meetings in virtual reality. For example, there is even a metaverse festival in Amsterdam in the middle of June.

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