Notary Guido van der Brug: ‘Have you arranged your digital inheritance yet?’

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LEUSDEN “Developments in the digital world are advancing very quickly,” notes notary Guido van der Brug. “The latest trend is NFTs, which are traded online for a lot of money. NFT stands for non-fungible token. These NFTs are known, for example, from Banksy’s artwork, from which a digital image was created and stored in an NFT. Then the work of art was burned.”

“Now you may not have NFTs, bitcoins and other exciting cryptocurrencies, but almost all of them have a digital legacy. For example, think about the photos you store online, your account with a streaming service, and your social media accounts. What happens if you die or become incapacitated, such as in a coma?

“Their digital legacy consists of social network profiles, online credits, online debts, but also, for example, in cryptocurrencies. Many people are not aware that if they die offline, they live online on social media. Almost everyone has an online legacy. This online estate does not resolve itself and it is difficult for surviving family members to settle the online estate if they already know there is an online estate. The same applies if you become incapacitated by, for example, an accident or dementia. That is why it is better that you start preparing it yourself.”

Many people are not aware that if they die offline, they live online on social media.

WHAT YOU CAN DO “First of all, the profiles on social networks. It is important that his next of kin know what he wants if he is no longer there. Do you want to leave your social media profiles as they are, turn them into a memorial page, or do you want to delete your profiles? If your next of kin needs access to her profiles to fulfill her wishes after her death, we can arrange this for you in a will. In your will you can designate a social media executor to carry out the wishes outlined in your will for your social media profiles.”

“Also, the rest of your digital heritage: Do your relatives really know what the rest of your digital heritage consists of? They probably don’t know and it’s hard to find out what digital traces someone leaves behind. That is why it is useful to make a list or save everything on your mobile phone. Then you have to think about how your closest relatives can access that list or your mobile phone. In your will you can indicate how your relatives can access the rest of your digital inheritance. But also what information should not be shared, for example, whatsapps and emails. In your will you can ask the executor to delete these messages after your death.”

“You can better organize your digital inheritance in your will and in a living will. With this you give the legal basis to a confidential advisor who liquidates your digital inheritance.”

FREE READINGS ,,There are many matters to settle around death that you consider important, but that many times you do not know about. We hold several free conferences at the Bergkerk in Amersfoort, to inform people about topics such as inheritance and wills. The next one is Thursday June 2 in the morning. There is also talk of the Living Will: a highly requested document today in which a representative is appointed in case of becoming incapacitated. You can register via our site: or via the phone number below.

mister. Guido van der Brug, notary.

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