Change car sharing begins in Geel

From now on you can lend a car in Geel through the exchange car sharing system.

Cambio car sharing is a flexible formula whereby a car is available day and night in various places in Geel for users (both individuals and organizations and companies).

Thanks to a trial offer, Geel residents can try carpooling at an affordable price. An online information session on carsharing is also scheduled for June 15.

Residents who do not use a car every day can lend a car in Geel through the car exchange system. Cambio Car Sharing can be better compared to a loan service, but not for books or DVDs, but for cars.

In exchange, members can book a car for the period they want, at the time that suits them best. An exchange user pays according to usage (time and kilometres) and can therefore save a lot of money if the car is only used sporadically.

You don’t have to worry about the cars themselves (maintenance, inspection, administration,…), Cambio takes care of everything. In short: ideal for those who drive little… or as an alternative to the second car, often less used.

Three shared cars to start

If you want to share a car in Geel, you can go to one of three locations. There is a city car at the station, on JB-Stessensstraat, in the Sanofi/Cipal car park on the Diestseweg.

It will start with three fossil-fueled shared cars, with two more electric cars to be added later this year to De Bogaard and IOK. A van will also arrive at the station. The city financially supports the car sharing system.

After all, the initiative meets the local parking pressure (a change car replaces at least 8-12 private cars in the area) and contributes to a better environment. If car sharing is successful, the city will further expand the car sharing system.

Example of offer for residents
Geel residents who now join exchange can avail the trial offer that exchange offers together with the city. Thanks to this trial offer, you do not pay any entry cost (value: 35 euros) and therefore you can easily test the system and experiment if car sharing is something for you. Who wouldn’t want to venture out without worry?

How does change car sharing work?

Anyone who joins exchange will have access to the exchange fleet, for all shared cars throughout Belgium. The user reserves the car of his choice wherever he wishes.

Reservations can be made day and night, by phone, online or through the app. This service is accessible to all residents and not just those who have a smartphone and mobile Internet.

The car can be loaned for a short time (an hour) or for a longer period (a day, a week or more). The user picks up the car at their location and returns it there at the end of the trip. Pickup and drop-off is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The car is opened with the Cambio chip card or with the Cambio application.

Users pay a limited monthly subscription (4 or 8 euros) and otherwise only pay based on their use. Those who drive a lot pay a little more, those who hardly drive for a month only pay the subscription and those one or a few trips.

All expenses are included in the price (insurance, fuel!,…), fixed expenses are not included.

Car sharing change in Flanders/Belgium

Cambio already offers its services in more than 55 cities and municipalities in Flanders. More and more people are discovering the benefits of a system as a change and the user group is constantly growing.

Thus, the milestone of 50,000 users in Belgium has already been exceeded by a wide margin. In total, these users have around 1,800 shared cars at their disposal.

Briefing for Gelaars

Geel residents can follow the information moment online on June 15 at 8 pm – participation is free and without obligation. You can register for this information moment via www. For more information on Cambio car sharing, you can contact Cambio on 09 242 32 15 or at www. Photos: Year Mobility Councilor Marlon Pareijn and Tom Alleman (Change).

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