Patrick Kicken: Will Giel Beelen resurrect the almost deceased 3FM?

[BLOG] It’s Bijltjesdag in the biggest blatantly expensive government project in the Netherlands called ‘NPO Radio 3FM’. Last month the morning show with Sander already got the bag, yesterday the afternoon show with Eva & Frank. Last night at midnight the ‘registration’ of all the announcers for the new programming of 3, which is said to be announced next week, ended. I deliberately write record in parentheses, because insiders know that this is, of course, a sham. The new coordinator of the channel Menno de Boer (ex-538) has carte blanche, as long as he allows himself to be whispered by two other influential types.

The other two ‘voices of authority’ on 3FM are, of course, Jurre Bosman, but also a more surprising name: Florent Luyckx (now Powned’s head of radio). He was the last person allowed to experience people listening to 3FM, as a channel coordinator, so he is asked for advice from time to time. Now the story goes that the stations are really being misled in determining 3FM’s new lineup. The biggest station aside from BNNVARA because they have such a big finger in the pie with the pop station that the rest are left behind. They will also be allowed to fill in the most important periods (morning and evening) again. But with whom in God’s name?

Many (big) names have been asked to come and rescue the Titanic from Dutch radio. But many have said NO out loud, because they also realize that a brand so damaged and in which so few people show interest can better be transformed into an online production and podcast platform, where they do score. Let’s take V&D as an example, which also continued without physical stores because no one came anymore. Same for Office Center. Sometimes the form is over and you have to dare to go with the times. Not at the NPO, of course, where the word innovation at 3FM is: we turn the studio furniture 180 degrees (I’m not kidding). Also niels hoogland (ex-538 and now head of FunX, which is not without merit) has kindly thanked you for piloting the 3FM ship safely back to port. He has an advisory role alongside Menno de Boer.

Someone who still has a bone to pick with 3FM is Gieltje Beelen† At some point, of course, I had to get out of there in the morning, at the weekend, on the way out. At Radio Veronica she failed to score in the morning, now she is at NPO Radio 2 late at night for a fairly low salary. Giel’s lifestyle can be called excessive, like everything else in his life. He has ADHD and likes to throw money away. Sleeping is for sissies, so he doesn’t care. So his name also rings for the morning block, to which Frank Dane politely says no. So it will be, Gieltje in the morning and Ruudje in the afternoon. A program that looks very nice on paper, but with which the wounded animal called 3FM is not going to be able to do it. That is not due to Giel and Ruud, it is due to the spirit of the times. 3FM has ended and is closing.

So we have Niek van der Bruggen† That doesn’t seem too comfortable with Captain Minneboo, who has to come rescue QMusic’s other worried kid 538, for 4 tons a year. So Niek’s days seem a bit numbered in the radio group Talpa, where he had seen himself as a minimalist music director. And his good friend/direct colleague Chris Hartgers has already made the journey. Yes ruud of wild If it doesn’t happen on 3FM in the afternoon, they can always opt for Ruud Niek’s backup, the man who has been working as a sidekick at De Wild for years and can therefore imitate him perfectly. I also see a paper Igmar Felicia, which had to go to 538. Because it has to be inclusive! EITHER bram krikeke Freeing himself from that terrible armor of awakening that he has to deal with in QMusic, he would be the perfect pairing with 3FM.

But I forgot to tell the best story. All those big names that the NPO has been dumping in the last few months, they were just told, ‘Well, tell me if you want it, then we’ll find you a station.’ Aren’t those marriages of convenience that are celebrated wonderful! And yelling ‘a spokesman for 3FM’ in the AD: it’s all up to the stations. What a farce and what a lie from the NPO. Just honestly admit that you review every station except BNNVARA, and that the decision-making power rests with 3FM’s new station, Menno de Boer, along with NPO radio boss Jurre Bosman. As has been the case in recent years.

patrick kicken

PS: More information about the sick 3FM and what should happen now in this great article on

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