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Are you looking for a safe children’s tablet? Then Kurio Tab Ultra 2 could be an option for you! TechGirl Nadi tried it out. That is, his young son tried it. What can you do with the Kurio Tab Ultra 2 (and why is a tablet for kids really useful)? You read it here!

The Kurio Tab Ultra 2 is a tablet specially designed for children. Kurio is, in his own words, the safest and best tested children’s tablet on the market. We put it to the test! Box: We don’t have any other kids’ tablets to compare, but we do know about regular tablets.

In appearance it is a normal tablet with a (in our case) blue bumper that helps with drops and bumps. The tablet has 32 GB of memory and there are more than 70 applications available. In addition to a charger, the box contains a stand, should you wish to put the tablet down.

Watch carefully what all the sounds and buttons do (14 months)

From what age can the Kurio children’s tablet be used?

According to Kurio himself, the tablet is suitable from 3 years old, but if you ask me, a children’s tablet can be used from any age, our son is already 14 months old (toddler) and since he turns 1 year old he can enter the world of technology to discover. In moderation, of course, and under supervision. We live in a world full of screens and digital devices, so (but that’s each parent for themselves) we raise our children with the technology available. In that way, he quickly becomes media literate. Ultimately, we want our son to understand what “too much” screen time is, so he can learn for himself when he wants to play with toys inside or outside or if he’s playing on a tablet. And maybe our vision will still change when he’s a little older, but for now we believe that variety is part of parenting.

In any case, we tested the Kurio children’s tablet from 12 months of age. Can you really do something with it? No, of course you can’t use all the options to the fullest. But he really likes to imitate us. And there are already games for the little ones, such as the Duplo train and Baby Shark. This is especially nice when clicking and swiping. In Baby Shark you have to pop bubbles by touching them. It is wonderful to see how our son reacts when he clicks on something and it moves and makes noise! Action-reaction skills.

Plus, there’s YouTube Kids on it. Great fun for songs and other children’s programs. Very good: you can still download streaming services like Netflix yourself.

What apps are on the Kurio kids’ tablet?

The Kurio Kids Tablet contains all kinds of proprietary (Nickelodeon) apps and games, which are kid-friendly and can be used offline after downloading. Ideal for traveling! Also, there is nothing in it that is not suitable for your child. And if you want to access the settings, passwords or other access options (such as entering your year of birth) are required. It is a tablet for children to ‘play and learn’. The applications and games it contains are part educational and part ‘fun’. You’ll also find tips on how to engage your child with screens in a media-friendly way on the Media Ukkies website.

To be able to make video calls with mom, dad, grandparents, there is a Twinme app. You can also install this app on your phone by yourself.

Oh, and some other benefits of the Kurio children’s tablet:

  • All websites that are not suitable for children’s eyes are automatically blocked
  • You can add or remove applications
  • You can set times per day and per week that your child can play on the tablet (great for setting screen time). Kurio himself recommends a game time of 10 minutes, and when this is over, the tablet will indicate it and turn off automatically.

In addition, the children’s tablet is water (splash) resistant (it can take a few drops, but not a one-way pool), it has integrated hearing protection. There is a pink version (in bumper terms) and a blue version. I wish it had been beige, brown, ocher yellow or dark green. Something more neutral that suits today’s ‘hip’ colors ;-), but that is of course a matter of taste.

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