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The following article is a submitted piece and is not the responsibility of Crypto Insiders. This is not financial advice.

Aurora Protocol announces Aurora+, an exciting new trading platform offering Aurora users free trades, staking on AURORA tokens, airdrops and more.

Blockchain is one of the most popular new technologies and is often referred to as Web 3.0. However, new entrants find it to be terribly complicated with technical challenges at every step. A world of Google and Facebook fueled the widespread adoption of Web 2.0. There is now a clear opportunity to marry the innovative world of Web 3.0 with the ease and familiarity of Web 2.0.

Today we are excited to reveal that bridge with Dawn+!

What is Aurora+?

Aurora+ is a new membership program for Aurora users that offers a variety of amazing benefits. Starting today, all Aurora users can subscribe to a free basic accountwhich offers the following benefits:

  1. 50 free transactions per month† One of the biggest obstacles to user experience in all cryptocurrencies is understanding and dealing with transaction fees. Aurora+ eliminates this problem and frees up the blockchain!
  2. dawn strike† Aurora+ members who stake AURORA tokens will enjoy not only a continuous stream of AURORA rewards, but also rewards from the best projects across the Aurora ecosystem!
  3. AURORA airdrop† To ensure all Aurora+ members experience the benefits of Aurora Staking, anyone who creates an Aurora+ account during the first week of launch will have the opportunity to claim an Aurora Airdrop.

These are the benefits that are already available today. In the future, Aurora will continue to develop the Aurora+ platform with new features such as:

  1. Paid premium subscriptions† You may need more than 50 transactions per month. Maybe you are a trader and want to prioritize certain trades. As with mobile phone services, Aurora+ Premium subscriptions will give you access to the features and services that exactly meet your needs.
  2. board participation† Members of Aurora+, who disrupt AURORA, are eligible to participate in the Aurora Protocol meeting. This is done through AuroraDAO.
  3. Private Transactions† Given the technical underpinnings between Aurora and the Near protocol, Aurora+ will release a fix to “Ethereum Dark Forest” issues related to transaction analysis and front running
  4. Single Point KYC† Aurora+ offers optional KYC from the user dashboard where the results are captured on the blockchain to be made available to all dApps in the Aurora ecosystem that require KYC.

Aurora works to optimize the user experience not only for its users, but also for its apps and platforms in the ecosystem.

Aurobots: An Exclusive NFT Collection

In the famous words of Steve Jobs: “one more thing!”

To celebrate the launch of Aurora+, Aurora is giving away NFTs from a new collection called “Aurobots” from the famous creator of NFTs, Mr. Brown.

111 unique Aurobot NFTs will be randomly distributed among the lucky winners. That will be across multiple lotteries coinciding with platform milestones during the first few weeks of launch. And in addition to owning a fantastic NFT, Aurobot owners will also benefit from a 10x increase in their free monthly transactions!

Get started today!

Create your own free Aurora+ account today and experience the benefits of Web 3.0 with the convenience of Web 2.0 at:

What is Aurora?

Aurora is a NEAR-based Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and provides a solution for developers to deploy their applications on a future-proof, scalable Ethereum-compatible platform with high performance and low transaction costs for users. Aurora is backed by major venture capitalists such as Pantera Capital, Electric Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Three Arrows Capital, and Alameda Research.

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The above article is a submitted piece and is not the responsibility of Crypto Insiders. This is not financial advice.

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