GNX offers global connectivity with a carrier-neutral platform

Equinix works closely with partners around the world to provide the best data center and interconnect solutions. We are pleased to introduce you to our partners. This time we are in conversation with: Rutger Bevaart, CEO of our valued partner GNX.

Businesses around the world are grappling with IT challenges stemming from the need for greater flexibility, cost effectiveness, and security. Digitization is dramatically changing the IT landscape, and the consequences are being felt by businesses of all sizes. After all, the foundation of an application landscape relies on connectivity solutions that connect IT infrastructure, cloud, and SaaS elements. This means that not only the connections between large networks are becoming more important, but also the providers and the quality of those networks. These challenges require an innovative, qualitative and above all simple solution worldwide. That’s why Equinix has entered into a valuable partnership with GNX.

Growing demand for edge network infrastructure and global connectivity

A common problem that companies encounter is the lack of telecom providers that offer a total solution. For example, the location of network infrastructure at the digital edge is increasing, but the implementation of edge solutions is a complicated process. Although the range of carriers is wide, it is unfortunately difficult to find objective and independent advice. Additionally, organizations often have to deal with different vendors and contracts, and managing all of those parts requires a significant investment of time and money. This also influences growth opportunities. When new products or services are introduced in a new market, it is crucial that the time to market is short. For example, international companies want rapid expansion into foreign markets. This requires connectivity to locations around the world, as well as telecommunications providers that are scalable and agile.

Optimal connectivity is extremely important for organizations. But it also raises questions about cost, stability, level of service, expert staff, and purchasing. “Organizations need to ‘take the hassle out.’ A solution that includes a simple interface that allows you to build complex infrastructure and provision services, including cloud integration,” said Rutger Bevaart, CEO of GNX.

Equinix and GNX: Access to the world’s largest infrastructure ecosystem

To address the aforementioned challenges, the strategic partnership between Equinix and GNX provides tailored connectivity solutions for enterprise customers around the world.

“Together, we can provide customers around the world with Internet connections anywhere in the world: from the center of Tokyo to a factory in the forests of Peru. GNX can connect traditional technology, such as cables and network providers, to the Equinix Fabric™. This makes Equinix and GNX the bridge between traditional connections and the modern world where companies no longer want to use physical hardware in data centers, but instead want to send data directly at the highest speed to data centers. of Equinix and the underlying parts of Cloud and SaaS. Companies use that to build a global network infrastructure,” says Bevaart. Equinix and GNX services connect seamlessly to meet a huge customer need. And that is precisely why Equinix is ​​so happy to partner with GNX.

One-stop interconnection

By integrating with the Equinix Fabric™ portal, customers get a unified experience and tool for everything related to their core infrastructure and global connectivity services. This portal provides agility, control, and security in a demanding and rapidly changing landscape.

Companies that already use Equinix interconnection services, such as Equinix Fabric™ and Network Edge, will have access to more than 4,000 carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) through the GNX connectivity integrator, allowing them to take advantage of the enhanced connectivity at the digital edge around the world. Regardless of the location of the office, factory or legacy data center, GNX provides a seamless and integrated link to Platform Equinix to support digitization. Together with Equinix, GNX offers a carrier and vendor agnostic approach.

By integrating GNX’s first and last mile managed services with Equinix’s digital services such as Fabric, Network Edge and Metal, enterprises can quickly and easily create global connections between physical and virtual infrastructure. This gives them access to the entire global Equinix ecosystem. This consists of nearly 10,000 customers, including more than 1,800 networks and more than 2,950 cloud and IT service providers.

Bevaart: “Equinix and GNX serve the same type of clients: international companies with a presence in several countries for whom everything related to connectivity and data centers is vital. Equinix is ​​rapidly evolving into the global fabric, bringing together all parts of the cloud, network service providers, and parts of SaaS. As GNX, we bring the Equinix platform to every non-Equinix location in the world. Our services are completely complementary to each other. Together we offer a one stop shop. In addition, there is also a great commercial meeting; we like to work together. It is a fruitful collaboration with a great future perspective in which we will expand it even more”.

Movella locations in China gained optimal cloud access with Equinix and GNX

The innovative company Movella, a well-known customer of Equinix and GNX, can only confirm this. Like many other international organizations, Movella uses the Microsoft Cloud for several business-critical applications. For offices in China, access to public cloud environments is often not ideal and other solutions are needed to ensure an optimal user experience. Equinix and GNX link Movella’s physical locations in China with Equinix Fabric™. Using Equinix Fabric for the Hong Kong cloud integration and the extension of Equinix Fabric to locations in China, Movella has simplified access to the Microsoft cloud. Compatible with Equinix and GNX. This guarantees access to business-critical applications.

For questions or more information about the possibilities of Equinix and GNX, please contact Rutger Bevaart of GNX and Loleila Owers of Equinix.

About GNX

GNX is a global provider of managed underlying services and private connectivity services. Through the unique LARAÒ platform, GNX makes it easy to find and compare local and international data connections. The choice can be based on the wishes of the end customer, such as delivery time, guaranteed availability or price. The organization was founded in 2018 by connectivity veterans Rutger Bevaart and Rick Mur.

About Equinix

Equinix is ​​the market leader in data center and interconnect solutions. Equinix provides the connection between companies and their customers, employees and partners. The interconnection specialist facilitates the digital economy with data center solutions of the highest quality worldwide. Equinix operates with 229 data centers in 27 countries on five continents. From the Amsterdam data center, Equinix can reach 80% of Europe in 50 milliseconds.

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