New start for the events industry in Europe

ILEA Europe, the European branch of the International Live Events Association, has been reorganized over the past year. The official revival of ILEA Europe took place last month. The location was Istanbul, one of the world’s top event destinations.

Istanbul, the city on two continents, where the passion of the East meets the sins of the West, this city is the event capital of Europe since April. The Turkish events association TUED (Turkish International Events Association) sent the invitation, which was gratefully accepted by the ILEA Europe board of directors.

new beginning

“It was an important meeting for the European events industry. We have started again and now we have to look forward,” said Meltem Tepeler, president of the Turkish events association TUED, who also sits on the ILEA board.

He stressed the importance of international cooperation and said that only if the European event industry stands shoulder to shoulder with politicians and event organizers from business and industry, will it be possible to successfully overcome the pandemic. “This is not something that an organization or association can handle alone, this is teamwork,” emphasizes Tepeler.

“We want to connect Europe’s event experts and open our network for the first time to event planners, marketing decision makers and budget makers from the business world”

history and future

Istanbul’s Ciragan Palace Kempinski, perched on the Bosphorus, was the setting for ILEA’s reboot. A private yacht picked up the ILEA Europe board of directors from the Bosphorus from Shangri-La and took them to the press conference. During the two-hour boat trip, the international event experts experienced for themselves the new European event capital. “Istanbul is an impressive event destination where history forms a vibrant symbiosis with the future,” said Hans Schriever, ILEA board member.

“Event planners find here the perfect conditions for the storytelling of brands and companies. This is demonstrated by innovative projects such as the Galataport Istanbul. The Turkish cruise port, with an investment of more than 1,600 million euros, is considered a project of global importance and enriches the destination of the Istanbul event.

galata port

“Galataport Istanbul is an ecosystem of its own in the heart of this city, offering the most important digital functions and the latest technologies that enable the successful planning and execution of international (live) events. We were all very impressed with the many possibilities here. in Istanbul,” said Hans Schriever.

Mehmet Bali is Head of Marketing at Galataport Istanbul. He oversees many projects in the innovative area and was available to the IlEA board for a personal tour. “Galataport Istanbul has an infrastructure that is unique in the world, as well as a 29,000 square meter underground terminal, which has already received much praise and recognition internationally. We are well equipped for events of all shapes and sizes.”


Istanbul’s event destination is modern and innovative. “We don’t just want to host live events,” said TUED board member Cantekin Temizer at the ILEA press conference. “Metaverse events in Istanbul also offer event planners a wide range of options.” In a keynote speech, metaverse expert Zehra Öney, founder of the Association for Women in Technology, explained virtual events.

“The size of the Metaverse market has reached a sales volume of approximately US$65 billion in 2021. The development of this market is expected to grow further from US$100 billion in 2022 to US$1.5 billion in 2029” said this expert. “Metaverse is not a second parallel universe like everyone says, it’s actually a Web 3.0 opportunity.”


Christian Seidenstücker, president of the European section of the globally active live events association for 10 years, emphasized the relevance of the European events network in his speech: “We want to connect event experts in Europe to learn from each other and develop new ideas,” said the CEO of the Bremen-based event agency JOKE Event AG.

As the first European association for live events, ILEA Europe takes a completely new approach: “For the first time, we are opening our network to event planners as well as marketing and budget decision makers from the corporate world. “. Together with the content marketing experts from NEXTLIVE, the German sister of and, ILEA Europe has launched a new website, which is directly linked to the content platform

At, event industry experts and event planners, as well as business marketing and budget decision makers can find content, events and training.

live communication

Content, events and education: NEXLTIVE uses these three pillars to convey relevant and actionable information for brands and companies that use live communication and experiential marketing in their communication mix. “We create relevant content that exactly matches the information needs of event planners and organizers,” says Hans Schriever, ILEA Board Education Officer.

This content is reproduced digitally, on the one hand, and presented through education-related events and formats, such as workshops, webinars, MasterClasses, and DeepDives, on the other. In this way, event planners, as well as marketing and budget decision makers from companies and industries, receive relevant information for the planning and execution of their events. Knowledge management as a connecting element between event organizers and the events industry.

The NEXTLIVE brand promise has also become the claim of the European Live Events Association in collaboration with ILEA Europe. Discover: expand your knowledge. Connect: Connect with experts from the European events industry. Perform – Maximize the performance of your upcoming live events.

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