Proximus integrates Wi-Fi 6 in its new Internet Box for the first time

Since the beginning of May, Proximus has equipped its customers with a new modem, Internet Box, and smart repeaters that integrate Wi-Fi 6 and Mesh technologies.

In a context in which the quality and performance of Internet and WiFi at home or in the office are increasingly important, this novelty for Proximus customers paves the way for faster, smarter, safer and more secure WiFi. more energy efficient.

WiFi is playing an increasingly important role in the lives of Belgian consumers

Today, a powerful Internet connection at home or at work has become a basic necessity, just like water or electricity. The coronavirus pandemic has caused an increase in telecommuting and the use of all online services, and has only exacerbated this need. At Proximus, the average volume of customer data has increased by more than 50% in the last two years. Precisely to respond to this evolution, Proximus is investing heavily in the deployment of its fiber network to improve the connectivity of homes and businesses.

In addition to the quality of the network, it is also important to be able to count on a stable wireless connection thanks to an optimal WiFi range. In fact, Wi-Fi technology plays an essential role in the daily life of the vast majority of Belgian consumers, on the one hand because 94% of Proximus customers connect to the Internet at home or at work via WiFi, but also because in every home or office more and more devices are connected to the WiFi network. Proximus customers have an average of 21 WiFi devices at home.

Of course, this increased use of Wi-Fi means many customers are looking for solutions to harden their network. In the last two years, the number of residential customers with a Wi-Fi extender increased from 27% to 46%. At the same time, Proximus has taken other initiatives to improve Wi-Fi connectivity for its customers, whether through the MyProximus app and Smart Wi-Fi activation, remote monitoring, or technicians coming to the site proactively to improve network quality for customers by testing and installing solutions to optimize range.

A better browsing experience, anywhere in your home or office

Today, Proximus goes a step further by launching its first Internet Box with Wi-Fi 6 technology. With this technology, the browsing speed is up to 40% faster than with Wi-Fi 5. The new Internet Box has been included on Proximus Flex Fiber and Business Flex Fiber offerings for consumers and small businesses starting in early May, with up to two Smart Wi-Fi.-Fi Repeaters equipped with Mesh technology (which also support Wi-Fi 6), all without price increase.

In concrete terms, the technology called ‘Mesh’ consists of a series of Wi-Fi terminals that communicate with each other in a ‘mesh’ topology. The network thus created dynamically adapts to the data volume needs, intelligently distributing the load to guarantee maximum stability and performance with a greater range than ever, in a 100% transparent way for the user. The user will be able to move around his house or office without losing the connection, since his devices will automatically connect to the WiFi of the Internet Box or the repeaters.

Wi-Fi 6 is also a technology with great prospects for the future, as all connected Wi-Fi 6 enabled devices will gradually benefit from higher speeds thanks to intelligent multi-device management, which identifies the best frequency band and access point for each in real time. time.device. Thanks to this technology, the waiting time is reduced when many devices access the new Box at the same time. This is a real advantage both for families with online gamers or where many videos are watched at the same time, as well as for freelancers or small businesses that share large files, hold video conferences, offer their clients WiFi access, etc. good fixed connection and the new Internet Box, everyone can enjoy a good browsing experience no matter what other online users are doing at the same time.

This first lays the foundation for a superior Wi-Fi experience through continuous optimization and gradual addition of new features to support the smart homes and offices of today and tomorrow.

Safer technology and a case made entirely from recycled plastic

Wi-Fi 6 is also more secure than previous generations. Thanks to a new technology, WPA3, which will be integrated in the coming weeks, customer passwords will be even better protected thanks to a constantly changing security key. Additionally, the new Internet Box offers a separate Guest ID so customers no longer have to share their own WiFi IDs with their visitors, improving the security of their connection.

Another strong argument is that Proximus and its supplier have teamed up for the first time to offer a device with a circular design, which can be easily repaired and recycled. The new Internet Box, whose casing is made entirely of recycled plastic, reduces energy consumption by 24% compared to the previous generation. Additionally, activating a sleep mode when a device is not active on Wi-Fi 6 extends battery life.

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