Internet becomes 3D: The Virtual Job Fair is a first job bank

Facebook becomes the Metaverse and you play with VR glasses. Your job search can now be enhanced in one dimension as well, The Virtual Job Fair proves.

Imagine: you are at a pleasantly busy job fair, on several exhibition floors you walk from one booth to another. You get information about your favorite employers and you can ask any questions you want. The smell of great career opportunities is proverbially in the air.

Here’s a surprise: what you see in front of you happens entirely online. So you can get in and out of the professional event you imagine yourself in day and night, simply by opening your laptop. It’s called The Virtual Job Fair, a concept that needs no further explanation due to its apt name.

One of the first 3D sites in our country

The platform is so special that it is the first: it is one of the first websites in the Netherlands to change a linear page for a three-dimensional experience. Even Facebook, which is already developing the Metaverse but hasn’t launched it yet, has to let this platform go on its own.

The valid question then is: why is a job board, because it is in fact De Virtuale Job Fair, one of the first websites in our country to dive into three-dimensional depths?

Unthinkable in a traditional job market

“Because a job board as a 3D medium has a lot more to offer than job boards as we know them today”, is the succinct response of a very enthusiastic Marieke Wehner. She is the general manager of the site.

“First of all, this is because you get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the companies on our platform,” he continues. “As a visitor, you immediately get an insight into an employer through that experience: He finds out if he’s a fit for an organization, and not just if he’s qualified for their opening. This is unthinkable in a traditional job board. In addition, you get much more information about the company than what is told in a vacancy text”

pairing tool

Fortunately, at De Virtuale Job Fair you don’t have to rely solely on your intuition to figure out if you fit in with an organization. Because if you become a member of the community, which can be done without any commitment, a powerful matching tool will be used to examine how well you fit in with the various companies on the stock market.

In a summary, you can see which companies you associate with in terms of standards and values. Then you’ll also see which employers are probably not the right place for you.

efficient and welcoming

Wehner is eager to list more benefits of her job fair: “Looking around here is very efficient,” she says, beaming. “With us, she will find the best employers in a virtual space, which saves her from navigating between different job boards.”

“And we all know: the more souls, the better. Because we have so many employers together, it’s nice to browse the fair.”


Wehner knows that the job search involves more than weighing positions and employers. “Your job search also has a lot to do with personal development,” she says. “Just think: with every new skill you learn, you become interesting to new employers and positions.”

Its platform answers that need. Wehner: “To ensure you are the best possible candidate for your dream employer, we regularly host special workshops and keynotes in our 3D environment. You learn skills that you can use for the rest of your life.”

“And we will help you with your application,” he continues. “The well-known National Applicator Physician Application Day will also be moved to this platform and will therefore be organized exclusively at De Virtual Job Fair. Other events, such as CV verification moments, job interview hours and cool masterclasses, are often held in our area as well.”

Do you want to take a look yourself?

Not sure about your first (or next) career move? Then quickly find out what the best employers in the Netherlands have in store for you. You do this by becoming a member of The Virtual Job Fair community. You can create a free account at

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