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Today, esports is a market worth over $180 billion, making it 3.5 times larger than the movie industry and 7 times larger than the music industry. Additionally, more than 500 million people worldwide watch esports competitions, some comparable to baseball, and 2.7 billion people play mobile games. The size of the market makes it attractive for companies to increase their own brand awareness among young people, but how do you get into this industry? Koen Schobbers, the first Dutch esports player with top-tier sports status, will tell you more about it during the Marketing Congress for Kids and Youth!

Koen Schobbers and esports

Koen Schobbers has had many different roles within the esports industry. His career began in 2007 as a professional gamer with the game Trackmania, for which he has won numerous awards over the years. He also studied to become a surgeon, making him the first Dutch esportsman with top-tier sports status. He has put this training on hold to follow his passion, which has ultimately resulted in wonderful collaborations and opportunities, such as:

  • Anchor on ESPN
  • Board member of the World Esports Federation
  • Founder of Koenz
  • Founder of Game Fathers
  • Author of ‘My Gambler Son’
  • Professional speaker at global events

Koen knows well the different facets of this industry. He has seen the development of esports as an industry firsthand, even when there was still a lot of stigma. Therefore, he is the expert who can advise you on opportunities to build brand awareness among youth within esports.

Where does the popularity of esports come from?

So esports is incredibly popular, but where does this come from? To do this, Koen makes a comparison with traditional sports. Young people look to people who perform at the highest level with something they do themselves or where their interests lie. It is a competitive environment that exploits the possibilities of new technologies and the Internet. The possibilities make it (audio)visually appealing to watch esports, but also offer the opportunity to use esports as a social medium. Young people meet online after school and meet their peers. Therefore, it is an important element in the formation of the identity of young people. Another reason esports is popular is the fact that esports players are very accessible. You can reach them directly through the online platform, but they are also happy to chat at events.

The future of esports

Koen Schobbers sees the future of esports becoming increasingly physical. VR, AR and MR are becoming more and more popular and combine sports and esports. This combination of worlds makes both innovate, esports becoming more physical and sports more technological. Gaming and esports will also continue to grow, with an audience of 500 million people growing 8.7 percent annually. It has no limits, both in terms of growth and socially. You talk and play with people from all over the world thanks to esports, which assures you a place in the future of sports.

The different opportunities for your company

Esports can be compared to traditional sports in various ways, including in the field of sponsorship. For example, you choose to sponsor teams or events, organize activities with esports or make them ambassadors of your brand. It is suitable for all kinds of industries: from food to keep physically and mentally fit, to technology for games and education as part of parent-child education. The various sponsorship possibilities in esports allow you to use the potential of esports: build brand awareness and loyalty among young people. Young consumers have few brand preferences when searching for a product. You can win a place in their brain by being prominently present with something they’re passionate about. As a result, young people are aware of your company and think of your product when they want to buy something. Therefore, it not only builds brand awareness, but also loyalty.

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