MORE Walks in Groningen and Drenthe: five tips

Theatrical performance ‘Gif’ with Carine Crutzen and Stefan de Walle. Photo: Annemieke van der Togt

See black-lit paintings, visit a bittersweet ode to loss, or listen to a chain of war, sadness, liberation and freedom – again there is plenty to do in Groningen and Drenthe.

Opening Night ‘Behind the Scenes’

Artists Martijn Schuppers and Jan Maarten Voskuil focus on the ‘blue lamp’ The exhibition Behind the scenes. By using black light, artists literally cast a different light on the painting. The usually static presentation of pictures is interrupted by light. Black light has a different effect at every moment of the day. When it gets dark, this light reveals hidden compositions and underlying layers.

CAMPIS will have an evening opening next Tuesday. From 8:30 p.m. visitors can enter to see how the works change with the sunset. The venue is open until 10:00 p.m. and admission is free. The exhibition can also be seen until June 6 from Wednesday to Sunday between 12:00 and 5:00 p.m.

Assen – CAMPI Contemporary Art Podium, Tuesday 8:30-10:00 p.m., free

Freedom: not by itself, but vitally important

Mature sea villagers Bert Kremer, André van den Bor, Reina Zijlstra, and Willem Jan Stuut string together song texts, poems, and quotes from world leaders’ speeches in fifteen minutes. The result is I am the other a chain of war, pain, liberation and freedom. Self-written songs are interspersed with poems and readings, drawing on speeches by Churchill and Mandela, but also works by Frank Boeijen, Rainer Maria Rilke and Henriette Roland Holst.

At the end of the action, a voluntary contribution is requested that will fully benefit the Red Cross. Reservations can be made through † The performance can also be seen on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. at the Mariakerk in Oosterwijtwerd and on Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. at the Jacobuskerk in Zeerijp.

Loppersum – Petrus in Pauluskerk, Friday 7:30 p.m., free (voluntary contribution)

Tough questions in a snow white world

The documentary Maartje and Kine do not bend was aired on NPO3 last May and was about the writing process of Play animals II. In this documentary, the viewer saw the process that was carried out to reach the performance that can be seen today. From Toys II makes the crown emergency cabaret duo a virtue. In the winter they climbed into their truck and headed to Kine’s homeland: Norway.

Inspired by a snow-white world where the coronavirus did not seem to exist, they wrote about topics they had not dared to do until then. For example, the duet talks about the lack of desire to have children, derailed loves and the first signs of dementia in one of the parents. The show it shows a new side of the two: more personal, daring and versatile, but still musical, humorous and refreshing.

Hoogeveen – De Tamboer, before 7:30 p.m., €15

Bittersweet ode to loss

poison by playwright Lot Vekemans has been on a triumphal march through international theaters for the last ten years and has always been staged somewhere in the world. The numbers: The play has been translated into 15 languages, was performed 74 times in 21 countries, making it the biggest Dutch theatrical success of the current century. Now this bittersweet ode to loss is going on tour through the great halls of the Netherlands, in a performance with the actors Carine Crutzen and Stefan de Walle.

After the death of their 11-year-old son, a man and a woman try to live with what doesn’t exist and should have existed. She has built a new life, she can’t bear the thought. They meet again after ten years. The reason is a letter with the message that her son will be buried again due to the poison in the ground. The poison is not so much in the ground as in their hearts. The few hours they spend together reveal how severely the great loss has poisoned their lives. Deeper and deeper, the two become entangled in a web of mutual misunderstanding. In an intense dialogue, they embark on a bittersweet search for inner peace.

Groningen – SPOT/Stadsschouwburg, Friday 8:15 p.m., €27

Ride the waves of Ancora

The Netherlands is a quintessential water country and has a rich history when it comes to shipping. Nestor Jan Keizer from the former BZN and his mentor Edwin van Hoevelaak quickly realized that Ancora is the perfect fit for this and helped the band get started.

Ancora, made up of singers Harm Wolters, Patrick van Bree and Patrick Jongschaap, released four studio albums, each with a DVD, received two gold records and a Buma Award for best video clip. They performed several times with the Kelly Family and won two Koos Alberts Awards for Best Live Performance. Sail on the waves of Ancora: a musical program in which the three singers perform in the theater with a live band of eight people. A musical mix of shanties, Irish pop and uptempo songs.

Emmen – ATLAS Theater, Friday 8pm, 25 euros

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