Liberation doll Haarlem reflects on freedom and lack of freedom: ‘freedom is not obvious’ | Haarlem Weekly

haarlem Corona is hardly behind and the war in Ukraine is in full swing. Can you celebrate freedom right now? The Bevrijdingspop organization thinks so. “Especially now it is important to reflect on the fact that freedom is not self-evident,” according to the organization.

In addition to the musical program, on May 4 and 5 various activities will be organized around freedom, solidarity and democracy. For example, Mayor Jos Wienen opened Freedom Hall 2022 at the Schalkwijk Center on Saturday, April 23. Until May 9, there are 36 canvases in the center of Schalkwijk with stories of resistance heroes from Haarlem and its surroundings. In this way, Haarlem pays tribute to people who lived through World War II, were in the resistance, had to go into hiding, survived a concentration camp or died there.

EXHIBITION A permanent exhibition has recently been installed in the North Holland Archief: ‘The many faces of women in resistance’. The exhibition features portraits of 135 resistant women from a list of more than 1,200 names on the two portrait walls that line the exhibition space. In the showcases, the various aspects of resistance are mentioned in six themes. These topics refer to ‘forgeries’, ‘illegal press’, ‘mail work’, ‘armed resistance’ and ‘hidden people’, but also to the topic ‘camp life’ in which the possible consequences of mail work are shown. endurance. For the visitor, the story of the woman(s) mentioned in the window is told in a special audio story in each window.

During Freedom Week, Filmschuur offers a thematic program in which freedom is the focus.

COMMEMORATIVE CONCERT The Bevrijdingspop Memorial Concert will take place on Wednesday, May 4, starting at 8:30 p.m. on the main stage of Bevrijdingspop. Before the start of the Commemoration Concert, the National Commemoration in Dam Square will be broadcast on the giant screens next to the stage. There is also the possibility of commemorating locally. A commemoration and wreath laying will be held at the memorial in De Dreef. This year the Kennemer Youth Orchestra, conducted by Matthijs Broers, will perform with Rilan & The Bombardiers. There are also contributions from Mirjam Vrees and Haarlem city pastor Tom de Haan.

This year there is a new project in the main entrances of Bevrijdingspop. In the anteroom at the entrance there are large photographic canvases that allow us to reflect on war, liberation and the celebration of our freedom. All photos are historical photos taken in and around Haarlem around the war, the liberation and the commemoration just after the war. On the grounds of Bevrijdingspop there are images around the celebration of freedom. The Noord-Hollands archive has collected unique (moving) images of the war and liberation in Haarlem. This will be displayed on a large screen at the entrance.

FIRE OF LIBERATION Like every year, the Fire of Liberation is carried from Wageningen by a group of relays to Haarlem. Running group 03 is making it through Haarlem this year. On Thursday, May 5, Okrah Donkor, co-founder of Triple Threat, will light the Fire of Liberation at around 12:45 p.m. This year, he is one of fourteen difference makers designated by Liberation Festivals across the country. King Arthur van Dijk’s Commissioner will be present at this time. The Liberation Fire is lit on the Liberation Doll main stage, after which the fire continues to burn throughout the day.

At 5 minutes from 5 pm on May 5, with almost 1 million festival visitors in the country, our freedom and the lack of freedom of others in the world will be remembered. This year, special attention will also be paid to the situation in Ukraine. This year, Ukrainian actor and singer Aleksey Gorbunov will perform a song during the 5voor5 moment. Aleksey and his family have been staying with a host family in Overveen for a few weeks. In Bevrijdingspop, the singer is alone on stage: members of his own band had to stay in Ukraine. During the 5voor5 moment, little children from the Ukrainian school in Haarlem throw the well-known inflatable balloons into the public.

The Dreefplein, at the heart of the festival grounds, is the place to experience and celebrate freedom on May 5. Here is a varied program from 12:00 to 22:30. There will be speakers on the themes of freedom, solidarity and democracy and of course there will be a lot of music. We also allow the youth of our festival to think about democracy by playing a democracy quiz. In the evening, the DJ collective Superstijl offers “dance floor democracy”, where the audience decides what music is played. In addition, the refugee foundation offers our visitors the opportunity to experience what life is like in a refugee camp through a virtual reality experience.FREE FOOD May 5, freedom meals are organized throughout the country. This year Bevrijdingspop Haarlem is organizing a Freedom Lunch in the center of Schalkwijk. In this way, Bevrijdingspop Haarlem links the corridor of freedom with the food of freedom. Visitors to the center of Schalkwijk can see the corridor and enjoy the delicious soup of freedom that is offered there before or after. Everyone is welcome from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. to enjoy soup and start a conversation about freedom. The core of the Freedom Meal is a special gathering at the table where visitors can start a conversation about freedom.

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