Hoppenbrouwers Techniek visits young people with ‘Werkkeet’

‘Come to the Werkkeet and have fun with technology!’ With this, Hoppenbrouwers Techniek calls on young people to get acquainted with an education and/or a job in technology in a refreshing way. On Tuesday, April 12, they kicked off the campaign in collaboration with YouTuber Ties, who shares his passion for technology with his 813,000 subscribers on his channel.

A virtual reality environment has been created in the mobile Work Keet in which the company brings the technology to life. The technical service provider shows what can be done with technology, how it beautifies our world, but above all how technology ensures challenging and fun work. Under the guise of ‘youth have the future and technology makes the future’, the Werkkeet has passed through various schools across the country since mid-April.

Have fun in Technology

With a huge shortage in the job market, Hoppenbrouwers introduces young people to technology in a variety of ways. The roadshow is a new initiative within its ‘Live your life in technology’ campaign. A promotion team brings the Werkkeet to schools at the VMBO, MBO and HBO level. With VR glasses, students can view engaging projects where technical disciplines such as industrial automation, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering are central. They can also have a chat with Hoppenbrouwers employees while enjoying a can of soda and a snack. In this way, they receive information about training opportunities and job opportunities in the company in an accessible way. Ellen Vermeer, Human Resources Director at Hoppenbrouwers Techniek explains: ‘If you know what technology can do and see what technology does in our lives every day, it can only make you happy. By making this transparent in our Werkkeet, we want to excite young people to opt for an education or a job in technology. At Hoppenbrouwers, we’re looking for BBL interns and employees who are brimming with enthusiasm, who have fun and progress, who want to tackle things and who want to make the world a better place.’

Fulfilling ambitions

In order to be able to train the influx of young people in a structural way, Hoppenbrouwers has practical schools in various locations, the company trains people on the job, and there are HECs (Hoppenbrouwers Experience Centers) for people with secondary and higher education. The company also works closely with several schools. Here, as partners, they shape the mutual exchange of knowledge, Hoppenbrouwers offers guest lectures and workshops and the company offers internships (approx. 200 per year). ‘In this way, we bridge the gap between theory and practice and can optimally give substance to the learning and development of young people towards a job in technology. We are happy to give them the opportunity to realize their ambitions,” says Vermeer.

Popular YouTuber Ties collaboration

The Werkkeet will be on tour at least until the summer holidays. This will be taken care of by region by employees from one of Hoppenbrouwers’ 19 locations. To make the Werkkeet known, the technical service provider works together with the popular social influencer and YouTuber Ties Granzier on Instagram and YouTube. Ties is known for videos of him building his own ship and is currently busy renovating his first ship of his own. .house where he and his technical friends put their shoulders behind the wheel. In the coming weeks, Hoppenbrouwers will appear on various Ties channels. The Werkkeet roadshow will also be able to be followed on Hoppenbrouwers social channels and local bus stop drives will be organized and posters will be hung in schools.

About Hoppenbrouwers Techniek

Hoppenbrouwers Techniek is the technical service provider that takes care of everything from A to Z. The company started just over 100 years ago as a sole proprietorship in Udenhout. Hoppenbrouwers now designs, installs and maintains electrical and mechanical installations for companies, industries, health institutions, schools and individuals from 19 locations in the Netherlands. The nearly 1,600 employees are number one within the company; After all, happy employees make happy customers. They are happy to help Hoppenbrouwers’ ambition to become the best and most sustainable technical service provider in the Netherlands come true.

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