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April 25, 2022
Tourism rural Going out during the May holidays? You no longer have to search for a destination, because these outings are fun and you can visit them at a discount!

Photo 1. Spring is in full swing at De Flierefluiter Play Farm. Photo: De Flierefluiter

experience history

At the Dutch Open Air Museum, you don’t watch history in silence: you actively experience it! Walk through ancient streets, look inside the houses and discover the agricultural life of the past. You can meet the farmer’s wife on the farm and other places are also being worked on. Take a look inside the paper mill, print shop or brewery and learn about ancient crafts. Is it starting to itch and you want to start it yourself? Then sign up for a workshop at the Craft Workshop.

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Get lost in GeoFort

In GeoFort you dive deeper into the earth! Ride an elevator to the center of our planet, get lost in an underground tunnel system, learn how a salmon navigates the oceans, and get to work with billions of Minecraft blocks. GeoFort is a large fortress island that is part of the New Dutch Waterline. The defensive fortress has become an exciting attraction with various indoor and outdoor activities. Join the new power game and Earth Games in the restaurant now! Great: There’s an outdoor scavenger hunt to play and there are Minecraft coding workshops during the May break.

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Admire beautiful sand sculptures.

Admire the impressive sand sculptures by, among others, the builders of Hunebed, William of Orange and the VOC. This year, ‘t Veluws Zandsculpturenfestijn is all about the history of our homeland! See more than a hundred sand sculptures. Take time to get an up-close look at the creations of the world’s best sand artists. You keep discovering new details. And test your own historical knowledge along the way! What does VOC really mean? And who were Erasmus, Piet Heijn and the De Wit brothers?

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Fun at De Flierefluiter

With the beautiful spring weather you won’t be bored at Speelboerderij De Flierefluiter! There is a large outdoor playground, an indoor playground and a petting zoo. A successful day for the whole family. All the lambs are born this party that you can admire for the first time. And you can even pet some of these woolly animals, just like the baby chicks in the cuddle barn. Beautiful! Then take a tour on a pony and the Party Cart (free).

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Looking for water monsters at the Water Museum

How much water do you use per day? Will water still come out of the tap in fifty years? At the Dutch Water Museum in and below Sonsbeek Park in the heart of Arnhem, you will find the answer to these questions yourself. The Dutch Water Museum is full of experiments and is a true DIY museum! During the May holidays, a visit is more fun. Armed with a net and a special magnifying glass, you can look for aquatic monsters in the streams that surround the museum (surcharge: €1.50). How many can you find?

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Traveling the world through the Arcen Castle Gardens

It’s also great: taking a trip around the world with the whole family in the beautiful Castle Gardens Arcen. He walks among thousands of roses and discovers the castle’s exhibits. Or take a trip to Asia, Italy or one of the other gardens of the world. But of course just watching is also very boring. There are also many fun activities for children to do. For example, play a game of miniature golf among the waterfalls, discover the park with a scavenger hunt, pet animals in the petting meadow, or feed the koi fish. And there’s also a play beach with a pull raft!

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Discover the stories of the sea

Welcome aboard the Het Scheepvaartmuseum! A place full of adventures and exciting stories of tough sailors and crazy people of the sea. Here you can admire, among other things, the huge VOC ship ‘Amsterdam’, learn all about whaling and travel through time in virtual reality. During the holidays, even more activities are planned at this spectacular museum. Build your own ship out of Kapla blocks, take the family tour, or help put a little crew member at ease during the special preschool program along with the nostalgic doctors.

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In an adventure the Game of Nature

The sun peeks through the clouds again. And where better to be than outdoors? Embark on an adventure in the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands with Nature Game, compiled by Online Social Games and Staatsbosbeheer. While the adults enjoy the surroundings and the tranquility, the children enthusiastically look for the most original animals and photos. Choose from no less than twelve nature reserves and start your adventure whenever you want. Put on your sturdy climbers and go!

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Clog sailing the Apeldoorns canal

Good sailing, another activity that makes the most of the scorching sun. It doesn’t get any more Dutch when you paddle across the Apeldoorns canal in… a big yellow clog! With the Vadesto Outdoor Adventure clog safari you discover the rustic setting in the heart of the Veluwe from the water. Explore the floodplains of the IJssel, cruise with a view of historic Hattem, and spot beavers and kingfishers along the way. There is room for four to six people per clog. Roll up your sleeves or just sit back and let yourself go!

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Speelklok Museum: the most cheerful museum in the Netherlands

Holidays alone are fun, but you’ll be even happier at the Speelklok Museum. This amazing museum is full of self-playing musical instruments. From tiny music boxes to giant barrel organs, you can see and hear it all here. The repertoire ranges from the Viennese waltz and tango to the smartlap and the latest hits. Sing and dance all you want while you learn all about how the instruments work. During the holidays you can also see the family musical performance ‘De Bremer Stadsmuzieken’, based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, every day.

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Photo 2. In the Arcen Castle Gardens you will travel through different gardens around the world, but children will also be able to play to their heart’s content on the playground, with a pulling raft. Photo: Arcen Castle Gardens

Photo 3. Clog sailing on the Apeldoorns canal in a big yellow clog! Photo: Vadesto Outdoor Adventure

Photo 4. During the May holidays, Het Scheepvaartmuseum is packed with fun activities. Photo: The Maritime Museum © Twycer

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