The CINEMA returns on time!

CINEMA’s outdoor theaters and drive-ins are back in 2022! Back to the past, because the nostalgic theme continues to be the common thread, but above all to the DNA of a concept that is much more than cinema. Fortunately, when we think of bubbles, we think of champagne and hot tubs, so CINEMA also saves you from having to stay in the car. A program on Saturday afternoon ensures, among other things, that visitors are welcome at the drive-in starting in the afternoon, but numerous new experiences will also ensure a total experience from 2022 that transcends film. The first editions for 2022 have been announced for De Pinte (Domein Begonia, Thursday 26, Friday 27 and Saturday 28 May) and Sint-Niklaas (Grote Markt, Friday 3, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June). There are no new locations in the spring and Ghent is also exceptionally skipped, but that’s more than made up for by all the additions to come!

The drive-in editions came after outdoor cinemas were no longer allowed to continue due to the spread of the corona virus. Large groups of visitors that could mingle with each other were not allowed, but at drive-ins the organization could relatively easily keep visitors apart by forbidding them to get out of the car. As a result, BIOSKOOP was able to offer a night out in recent years, often despite strict measures. So a logical translation that could receive more than 1,300 visitors in 2021, but today a concept – “now that time allows it” – that really will not encourage us?

That is why BIOSKOOP wants to evolve towards the American drive-in concept with the drive-in editions. A day trip where people gather to enjoy the day and where there is a lot to do, with the icing on the cake, once the sun goes down, a movie on a big screen from the car. Therefore, the ticket types that were added last year, such as front row seats (take a seat in a previously parked car) and trunk seats (see the movie from the suitcase), will remain.


Experiences remain exclusive to BIOSKOOP: add-ons you can book on top of your ticket to personalize your event experience, and many new experiences are being added in collaboration with various local entrepreneurs. The Old School Snack Pack, a catering package with nostalgic sweets, fresh popcorn and a drink you can order ahead of time, remains one of the options you can book as a visitor. The transmission of your choices at the moment continues to be done through the ordering tool designed for this purpose and your package continues to be delivered to the car. That is not only a unique experience, but also very comfortable for those who have just settled into their seat. The new Apero’Clock, Fuzzy Fastlane and Kraft beer tasting experiences!


With the Apero’Clock you will immediately know what time it is: implement time! The Nutty Farmer loves all the delights nature has to offer and takes you on a journey around the world with his amazing array of roasted and spiced cashews! At CINEMA you will receive a mixed dish with the full range of The Nutty Farmer.


The organization can count on two new partners for Fuzzy Fastlane! The Ghentist is a floral gin with citrus notes made by two brothers from Ghent for love of the city and ODETT is a non-alcoholic gin that aims to offer a healthy and refined non-alcoholic drink. They both got to work with their product and created modern takes on old school cocktails! Together with BIOSKOOP, they form the tasty trinity that will mean that you can immediately enjoy a delicious welcome cocktail (based on The Ghentist) or non-alcoholic cocktail (based on ODETT) upon arrival.


And finally, a Kraft Beer Tasting in collaboration with DOK Brewing Company. In 1978, in the United States, a line was drawn under the ban on home brewing, a remnant of Prohibition. In the years that follow, hobby brewers sprout like mushrooms. A new market is emerging for craft beers, beers brewed using traditional methods by independent breweries.

DOK Brewing Company is such an innovative microbrewery from Ghent. They serve a series of tastings of their beers at BIOSKOOP with additional explanations and other interesting tidbits. You will receive a cheat sheet with all the beers and the associated QR codes. These codes then take you to a video where you learn more about the beers. So you can taste the beers throughout the day, alone or with a group of friends.


A first step towards the American drive-in concept is the Saturday afternoon show. Access to this is free. On both weekends, visitors can stop by in the afternoon to see the veterans, browse vintage stalls with all sorts of second-hand items, gadgets and curios, and a bouncy castle is provided for the little ones. Visitors can also go to eat and drink something on the terrace of BAR 52, enjoy the music and, hopefully, the good weather. Are you or do you know a dealer who likes to be present in the vintage market with his things? Do not hesitate to contact the organization through [email protected]


Currently, the organization is also looking for automobile associations that would like to organize a meeting in the BIOSKOOP drive-in area for the occasion. Last year, in addition to many individual veterans, BIOSKOOP was able to count many members of Trans Axle Club Belgium (Porsche 924, 944, 968 and 928) and Vintage Waasland (Aircooled VW and Porsche) among its visitors. It is clear that the event is now inextricably linked to car lovers and/or associations and that is why the organization decided to do even more with and for this group of visitors.

“We have heard several times that motoring associations sometimes look for places that allow a meeting and where practical matters such as bathrooms or electrical connections are available. That is why we have decided to open our site for this with pleasure. In addition, a professional photographer will be present who will take pictures of the day trip, members and cars. Places for this are also free, but limited and therefore must be applied for.”

Those who want to stay the night to watch the movie are certainly welcome, but of course they still need to have a valid admission ticket. Here there are also several options for car associations and the organization provides personal support to organize the reservation.

Specifically, as a car association you can buy tickets at a fixed rate of €12 per car and you can also book the Old School Snack Pack Experience at an affordable price. As an association, book this formula for €8 per person (instead of €9). If you are interested in the group formula, you can contact the organization through [email protected]

The program for the spring edition is online and meanwhile the official ticket sales have started. The Lion King – Live Action (Thursday May 26), Die Hard (Friday May 27) and Footloose (Saturday May 28) will screen at De Pinte. The movie always starts at 10 p.m. On Sint-Niklaas, Bohemian Rhapsody (Friday, June 4), Grease (Saturday, June 5) and Pretty Woman (Sunday, June 6) are on the program. The movie always starts there at 22:15. Tickets are sold in three phases called waves where the previous wave is always cheaper than the next wave. The earlier you book, the cheaper your ticket will be.

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