Bitcoin is a safe haven during the next recession

The world of bitcoin (BTC) never stops. What has happened in the last week?

Dutch bank declared bankrupt, 23,000 customers rescued by deposit guarantee scheme

The Amsterdam Trade Bank (ATB) has been declared bankrupt. The bankruptcy trustee says the British and US sanctions created problems for the bank.

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2 new crypto companies on the DNB registry

Two Dutch companies are included in the crypto registry of the Dutch Central Bank. The central bank oversees the crypto sector. These are records from Blockrise Capital from Rotterdam and Holland Crypto from Haarlem. Blockrise Capital presents itself as a custodian of crypto assets. Holland Crypto is located at the same trading address as BOTS, a crypto trading bot service.

Fund manager Peter Schiff points to danger indicator for bitcoin price

The infamous fund manager and gold lover Peter Schiff has spoken out about bitcoin again. According to Schiff, the underperformance of stocks like Coinbase is a precursor to the decline of bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market.

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The United States targets Bitcoin miners with the first sanction

The US Treasury Department wants to crack down on bitcoin miners in Russia. For the first time, we are facing the first US sanctions for foreign miners.

American Economist: “Bitcoin Is A Safe Haven During The Next Recession”

The president of Queen’s College at the University of Cambridge sees both bitcoin and gold rising in value if the Federal Reserve allows interest rates to rise too quickly. The president of a US regional central bank does not rule out interest rates rising faster than expected.

Bitcoin Whale Suddenly Moves Over $600M In BTC, Transaction Costs Less Than $1

A gigantic bitcoin whale makes itself heard. He moved more than 600 million dollars (~555 million euros) in bitcoins through the blockchain. The WhaleAlert tracking service reports this on its Twitter account.

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Strong US dollar recalls March 2020 krona collapse

Bitcoin has started a nosedive below $40,000 in the past week with a tentative bottom of $39,198. How long can the dollar last like this?

Celsius CEO: recession next year, bitcoin at $100,000

The CEO of crypto platform Celsius believes that a recession in 2023 is inevitable. Both bitcoin and ethereum will do well in that downturn, with a new all-time high of $100,000 expected this year.

Podcast of the Week: Adam Curry on Peter McCormack

Dutch-American ‘padfather’ Adam Curry was a guest on Peter McCormack’s What Bitcoin Did. That resulted in a fascinating conversation about freedom, censorship, bitcoin, and podcasting 2.0.

Bitcoin (BTC) and tax return 2021: all the tips and tricks followed

What requirements do you have to meet as a holder of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? You can file your 2021 income tax return until May 1, 2022. If you’ve already filed your tax return, you can still adjust it, even if you’ve already received a final assessment.

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