Entering through a virtual kick-start

For a moment you see nothing. The onboarding program loads. As the light slowly comes on, you discover that you are standing in a large round room. With doors on all sides. As you look around, a young man appears out of nowhere and politely introduces himself as Tim. “Welcome to the VodafoneZiggo Head Office!” Tim is your guide through this onboarding and he is looking forward to it. It may take him some time to get used to such a 3D experience. But if you go through the first door, you are already inside.

“We only get one chance to make a good first impression,” says Björn. “So how you get into VodafoneZiggo is very important to us. We spend the whole day for normal onboarding at our head office. We welcome people there and teach them all the ins and outs of VodafoneZiggo. That way they know what we stand for and who. represent from their new position. And they feel like they belong. Trust me, that’s very important.”

You enter a call center through the first door. He’s busy and Tim is on the phone too. “This is an essential location for VodafoneZiggo,” he explains. “Through chat and phone, these colleagues make sure that millions of Dutch people enjoy telephony and the Internet. If there is a problem somewhere, sometimes literally, they solve it very quickly. Thanks to smart software, this is every easier. And that opens up space for something even more important that we consider very important: providing real customer service.”

“As a result of corona, such an onboarding in person has, of course, become difficult in recent years,” continues Björn. “Also, many people do not work for us directly, but through third parties. Think of call centers that have multiple clients. Or people who work in a shop-in-shop, for example in Mediamarkt. We want them to become true ambassadors of VodafoneZiggo too?

After a tour of the call center, he flies to a store. “This is a VodafoneZiggo store,” says Tim. He wears the same jacket as the staff and shows you around the store. “The newest iPhone has just arrived, you are the first to see it. We are going to sell a lot.”

“Virtual reality is the key to making new people really part of VodafoneZiggo,” says Bjorn with conviction. “Even if they are on the other side of the planet. We welcome people to the heart of VodafoneZiggo through VR glasses. From there they make a tour of all the important parts of the company. A fun but also intense experience.” In twenty minutes flying through them they get to see a lot. We developed this VR experience together with Edumara. Experts in 3D technology and education; the perfect partner for this project.”

You go through another door. This time you are in a quite futuristic living room. “This is my own house,” Tim says proudly. “Take a good look around.” Ziggo’s latest MediaBox, smart lighting and thermostat: the house is equipped with all the innovations and comforts. And how could it be otherwise: you have perfect coverage everywhere. “Logical, because Smart WiFi Boosters are installed in all rooms.” In this way, Tim shows you what it is all about, for him and for all VodafoneZiggo customers: ‘fun and progress with every connection’.

“Control of VR onboarding happens almost automatically,” says Björn. “You do it with your eyes. Host Tim shows you all kinds of places, and everywhere you go you discover sliders and perks that you can activate. To start a movie, for example, that reveals some details. And there’s a puzzle hidden in experience. A riddle that you can only solve if you study everything carefully. A good incentive to go all the way.”

Tim looks at you proudly. “Congratulations, you’ve seen a lot in a nutshell. And you’ve also solved the riddle points! But what really is the strength of Vodafone and Ziggo together? This animation shows you.” One last video, then your virtual boot is complete. And are you ready for the real thing? Welcome to VodafoneZiggo!

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