Energy Junkies: Drug Addiction for a Livable Planet

AMSTERDAM – A heated home, a quick meal in the microwave, and always and everywhere accessible via your phone. In our pleasant lives, comfort and convenience seem infinitely possible. But almost everything in our lives would stop with the loss of one source: energy. And this is more current than ever. Our addiction to energy, our dependence on fossil fuels, but also the possible solutions that exist for the future are central to the new NEMO exhibition for adults. Energy Junkies will be on view from June 8, 2022 at De Studio of NEMO at the Marineterrein in Amsterdam.

The Energy Junkies exhibition makes you think. How would you turn energy addiction into a healthy habit? “It’s not easy to think about how much energy you consume every day. Just turn on the kettle, charge your electric bike, or order new pants online. Energy is not something tangible,” says Lizzy Bakker, exhibition creator at NEMO. . “With Energy Junkies we hope to offer new insights into our dependence on energy and the consequences for people and nature, but also about the solutions available. The exhibition presents several dilemmas to visitors.” Because what if all the Dutch were given the same CO2 budget and you were allowed to split it? And which climate pharmacy solutions do you prefer: emit less, become climate-resilient, or capture and store CO2? “We also ask you to dream of a future where we are cured of our energy addiction.”

When making an exhibition, energy is always consumed. At Energy Junkies we have tried to work in the most respectful way possible with the environment in the design and construction. “That was not always easy. Do you opt for an extra special experience with video on screens and ambient lighting? Or do we keep it as similar as possible? With the energy labels, the exhibition shows where it has been successful and where it has not or less. well,” says Baker. Team members also expressed good intentions to each other, such as turning down the heat and using the bike more often instead of the car.

Michiel Buchel, director of the NEMO Science Museum: “We are very proud that with this exhibition we can contribute to creating a little awareness. Not by lecturing people, but by taking them with them into the world we live in and the decisions we make “. . we can do for the climate. Of course, it is a very current topic and the urgency has become even greater in recent months. After all, it’s about our future.”

The exhibition energy addicts It can be seen from June 8, 2022 to July 22, 2023 at NEMO study., the additional location for adults on the Marineterrein in Amsterdam. The studio is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 17:30.

Scientific Advisory Council

NEMO involves a scientific advisory board in the development of the exhibition. The Energy Junkies advisory board consisted of Prof. Hanan El Marroun (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Dr. Michel Handgraaf (AMS Institute and Wageningen University), Lisanne Havea (TU Eindhoven) and Prof. Dr. Annelies Huygen (TNO and University of Utrecht). ). Loes Damhof (UNESCO Chair for Future Literacy at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen) was involved in the development of the Hall of the Future, where visitors to the exhibition can leave behind their dreams for the future. In addition, substantive scientific and expert advice was sought.


The Energy Junkies exhibition is made possible in part by VriendenLoterij (main partner NEMO) and a contribution from the Municipality of Amsterdam. The multi-year development of adult programs at De Studio is made possible by contributions from the Mondriaan Fund and the VSB Fund.

About the study

The studio is a testing ground for NEMO to experiment with new forms of adult programming and interaction. NEMO wants to engage a wide target group of adults in the social challenges related to science and technology. Until May 1, you can see the Bits of You and the VR Time Machine exhibition at De Studio. De Studio will be closed to visitors from May 2 to June 7, 2022. More information:

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