Uncle Chomsky and his many cousins

Seven weeks after the start of the war against Ukraine, the linguist Noam Chomsky finally showed up at the front. As always, the 93-year-old American once again had the case mercilessly. Putin is not a sweetheart, but Biden is more to blame. The United States wants to absorb the Russians in a “cruel guerrilla” like in the 1980s in Afghanistan. He also has a solution. Putin must be given an “escape”. That is possible if the Ukrainians obediently resign themselves to neutrality, the autonomy of the Donbas in a federal state structure and the ultimate loss of Crimea, Chomsky told the site last week. current affairs† The alternative is “the destruction of the Ukraine and nuclear war”.

Vintage-Chomsky. For more than half a century, his worldview has revolved solely around damned US imperialism. Also talking about Ukraine, which according to Putin is historically non-existent and therefore can be destroyed, all the (bad) deeds from Nixon to Biden are reviewed and the public intellectual puts Russian imperialism to rest. Chomsky, who praised Mao Zedong at the time for its ‘spontaneous democracy’Zelensky now embarks current affairs Kudos to him for being “an honorable man” who “has shown great courage.”

Chomsky is not a curiosity from the past. Analysts are also dying in the Netherlands, who like to nail Western imperialism to the post but treat the rest of the world with therapeutic sweetness. Like Chomsky, they prefer to spread the blame. It is not the concrete Russian aggression that gives them headaches, but the theoretical question of whether the West has not compensated itself.

The takeaway from this geopolitical twist on the 1960s and 1970s theory that women who are harassed are themselves to blame because short skirts and high heels tend to provoke men is that kyiv needs to back off lest it anger Moscow. needlessly. For example, Jolle Demmers, a professor of conflict studies at Utrecht University, wrote immediately after the Russian attack on Fidelity that NATO had engaged in a “completely unrealistic, but deliberate provocation” against the “provoked” Putin. Therefore, Zelensky had to be “moved” to talk to the attacker about him. Because Zelensky did not immediately follow his advice, Demmers instituted International Women’s Day. by Volkskrant with a dialectical somersault that men are to blame for all misery. The current war intoxication incites revenge (with the destruction of Putin as the ultimate goal) and obscures the cynical reality that the West is not only part of the escalation towards this war, but also fails to adopt a pragmatic solution. Male ambition plays a role in this.” As well as clever marketing from the gun lobby. An analysis of the geopolitics of the Biden administration painfully exposes how this war also […] specific political and economic interests. […] Violence also offers economic opportunities. The military-technological-industrial complex is always hungry for a new war,” Demmers explained two weeks later.

In other universities, too, there are striking examples of this mix of orientalism (don’t challenge the brute), self-pity (the West is to blame), and providence (nuclear war destroys us all). The common thread here is that although 40 million Ukrainians have not been granted what has been self-evident for 17 million Dutch since 1945, namely autonomy, the world is simply structured that way.

Practitioners of this genre present themselves as realists. But that is a veiled boast. The sympathy enthusiastically displayed for the victims of Western imperialism makes this worldview seem sympathetic. But behind that self-criticism lies a strong self-interest. What appears altruistic is, after all, self-centered.

Zelensky understands very well this false self-importance.

hubert meets He is a journalist and historian. He writes a column here every two weeks.

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