Work from home with faster internet: 5 tips

Now that we’re expected to continue working from home for a while, it’s helpful to be able to make the most of a good internet connection. There is nothing more annoying than constantly experiencing a choppy session through Zoom or having your important documents and websites load slowly all the time. In this article, you can read more about how you can improve your own Internet connection, after which you can use the Internet faster from home.

1. Faster internet with an ethernet cable

For years we thought that wireless technology would be the Internet of the future. That’s partly true when you consider the many advantages of a wireless network. But when you share such a network with multiple users, you will find that the Internet can become much slower. Have you established a fixed workplace at home? Then it is advisable to opt for cable Internet. With an Ethernet cable, you can instantly speed up your Internet speed. What’s also good is that an Ethernet cable is more secure than a wireless WiFi connection. That way, you can work more securely with business documents and data. It also creates a stable network, which is also ideal if you have to use the Internet all day.

2. Restart your router from time to time

Therefore, a fast Internet connection is undoubtedly the basis for being able to work comfortably at home in times of coronavirus. In addition to buying an Ethernet cable, what you can do is reset your router from time to time. If you restart your router every month, the Internet connection will be completely renewed. Do you also have a modem? So your modem can also use a reset to improve internet speed. Of course, it may be the case that you don’t think about this during a busy work day or don’t have time for it. In that case, you can buy a programmable timer that does the reset for you. What is very useful is that you can set the time of said timer. Let the reboot take place at night so you can start with fast internet in the morning.

3. Block ads when possible

Wherever you can connect, you’ll find ads, videos, GIFs, and more. There are many websites that play videos automatically and have big ads on their home page. Although an ad is sometimes quite nice or interesting, you’ll find that nine out of ten ads are not interesting. This kind of content doesn’t really help with internet speed on your laptop or desktop. Therefore, it is recommended to install a plugin that blocks ads. You will see your Internet connection speed up instantly when this type of heavy content is not automatically played in your browser.

4. Clear cache in browser

What you should definitely not forget is to regularly clear your browser’s cache. Maybe you have no idea what exactly that is; the cache collects all sorts of little pieces of information and cookies based on your online behavior. For example, ads (if you haven’t already turned them off) are displayed based on your interests. You may have guessed it; the fuller that cache is, the slower your internet will be. Therefore, regularly delete all data that is in the cache. You can do it yourself (manually), but you can also choose to download a plugin. This plugin deletes the cache for you every day or every week without your having to spend any time or energy. That’s great.

5. Find another internet provider

Do you find that the tips above don’t really help and your Internet connection isn’t as fast as you’d like? Then it could be your internet provider. Having a reliable supplier is very important when you work from home. Of course, unexpected things can always happen, like earlier this month with residents in the Zuidereind where the Internet was cut off. However, if you choose a good Internet provider, at least you know that you can expect some things from speed. So start comparing multiple providers to see which provider best suits your needs. Pay special attention to speed and create a wired network to your laptop or work computer. With an ethernet cable you are in the right place anyway.

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