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OF WOOD Selina Krijt is going on an adventure cycling tour in Tanzania for Amref Flying Doctors. With this action she wants to draw attention to the problems facing Africa and raise money to help solve them.

by Richard Thoolen

When one compares prosperity between countries, one sees big differences. Many people in Africa live in appalling conditions. Krijt would like to work for the health of African girls and young women. So that they can become healthy and strong women. Because if they are and stay healthy, they can work and build a better life for themselves and their families.
Krijt: I realize that we have it very well here in the Netherlands. I have been able to bring three children into this world and thanks to good medical facilities and education they have a vision of a good future. How different it is with many African children. Many die from diseases that are easily preventable or curable. Their existence is a continuous struggle for survival.”

SEARCH Krijt has looked for ways in which he could commit to improving conditions in Africa. He found the Africa Classic website and there he found what he was looking for. ,,I saw a promotional video about a bike ride in Tanzania and I was excited. Mountain biking is my passion, and how great it would be if I could raise money by cycling for the projects Amref runs there. What also attracted me was that the results of those projects became visible and that Amref has been involved for 65 years. She works with governments and international organizations to devise African solutions to African problems”.

PROJECTS Projects carried out include: digging wells, maintaining good hygiene, training caregivers, and providing medical care. But what also attracted Krijt is the way Amref treats the ritual circumcision of girls. Ritual circumcision is part of an ancient tradition and marks the transition from girl to woman. More than 4 million girls around the world undergo this barbaric ritual every year. Amref is committed to introducing alternative and successful rituals. More than 20,000 girls have now been exempted from this circumcision.”

TAKE PART Krijt is enthusiastic about her participation, but she must meet a number of conditions. Participating in an Africa Classic also requires an investment of time and money on the part of the participants. Chalk received positive encouragement from her employer, Rad Power Bikes. Krijt: When I presented the idea, everyone reacted enthusiastically. My employer gives me paid vacations, pays for travel and bicycle expenses. He must also be in good shape to participate. That is why I first had to undergo a medical examination. During a cycling test, my oxygen, heart rate, lungs, and blood values ​​were monitored. My condition turned out to be above average, so no problem. What remains a challenge is raising the amount from the sponsor. It’s at least €5,000, but I’ve raised the bar myself. I want to raise €25,000 to support the fantastic work of Amref. But I’m not there yet. To achieve that, I want to ask people for help.”

resignation The cycling march takes place from June 18 to 25 and consists of 6 stages. The Cretaceous will cover more than 600 kilometers with 6,000 vertical meters in and around Africa’s tallest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. ,,At first glance it doesn’t seem like much, but when you consider that there are no paved roads, the temperature is over 26 degrees and there is a lot of climbing, you will understand that there is going to be a lot of deprivation. I will try to report briefly every day on my social networks Instagram and Facebook.”

PRIMITIVE Krijt is aware that he has temporarily traded the comfort of his home in Houten for a primitive existence in Tanzania. “We camped there in tents in the desert. encamp there in tents in the wilderness. Drinking water facilities are very limited. A truck with water drives with us, which ensures that we have enough to drink and can take a shower for 3 minutes. Because it’s so dusty, I expect to get dirty and not have enough 3 minutes to wash my hair. That’s why I carry a collapsible bucket with me to collect the water and reuse it. Also going to the bathroom will be different. There are no restrooms and if you have to, there is nothing to do but ignore my embarrassment and just drop my pants and go to the bathroom. I realize that clean water and sanitation are a basic need for everyone.”

PEOPLE AND ANIMALS It’s an adventurous journey that takes you through local communities (including the Masai) and wildlife parks. Krijt: It’s special to really get to know the people I’m doing it for. They probably only speak Swahili and it will be difficult to communicate with speech. Local residents will also join us and may act as interpreters. We will visit various Amref projects and see with our own eyes where the money is being spent. The animals with which we can come into contact are also spectacular. This includes giraffes, elephants, baboons, and flamingos. We have been advised not to get too close to them and certainly not to touch them. Hopefully I can see this from a proper distance and let people enjoy it through photos via social media!”

CONTRIBUTION ,,On the website you can find more information and a link to my sponsor page where you can make a donation. Any contribution is welcome, big or small. I value every contribution and will respond personally.”

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