KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds, Maya VR and the Rijksmuseum bring Hall of Fame to nursing homes

Maya VR, the Rijksmuseum and KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds are starting a new series of virtual reality tours together. This year, no fewer than 4,000 elderly people in nursing homes across the country will enjoy a virtual “outing” to the Rijksmuseum’s Gallery of Honour. Hendrikje Crebolder, Director of Development and Media at the Rijksmuseum, donned virtual reality goggles for the first tour, together with residents of the Amsta Van ‘t Hofflaan nursing home in Amsterdam, for an unforgettable visit to the museum.

Hendrikje Crebolder, Director of Development and Media at the Rijksmuseum on the new tour: “The Rijksmuseum is for everyone, including people for whom a visit is not so obvious. Enjoy art, alone or together, that’s what you wish everyone. It’s great to be able to bring that experience close to home in this way, along with Maya VR and KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds.”

Extended due to success
“The past period has had a huge impact on the lives of nursing home residents,” says Jan Schipper, founder of Maya VR. “Visitors were limited and activities have also been canceled for a long time. Even though the world is open again, many older people are still anxious, which means they go out less. While the elderly also have a great need for social contact. Last year we made thousands of older people happy with a virtual visit to the museum. Due to this success, we are starting a new series of virtual reality tours in which museum master Bo Bojoh guides people in crystal clear 8K images.”

Under the supervision of art history students and KPN volunteers, residents take an individual “tour” in small groups and see and hear what the museum has to offer. Afterwards, residents can chat with supervisors about the art they’ve just seen, including the Night Watch and the Milkmaid. Mark Versteegen, Director of KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds says: “Not only the experience, but also the conversation afterward is very valuable. The contact that arises between generations makes older people feel connected to society again. Experience shows that this will be discussed for a long time.”

mayan virtual reality
mayan virtual reality is a youth care company that fights against the loneliness of the elderly. Using VR technology, Maya provides the opportunity to offer seniors a day out, from their own home. With the help of virtual reality, older people can live experiences that would otherwise be impossible for them. For example, in Maya the elderly enjoy a safari, walks around the city, visits to museums and walks through the most beautiful natural spaces.

KPN and the Rijksmuseum
Since the reopening in 2013, KPN, as the main sponsor of the Rijksmuseum, has provided all services in the field of telephony, data traffic and ICT, in addition to a financial contribution. KPN is a co-developer of the Rijksmuseum app and a digital partner of Operation Night Watch. Live tours are hosted online for customers and each fall thousands of customers are invited to KPN’s exclusive Family Month. Through the KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds, KPN invites vulnerable groups to visit the museum and is now making nursing home tours possible with Maya VR.

That Rijks-Museum connects people, art and history. We tell the story of 800 years of Dutch history from the Middle Ages to the present. In addition, we organize several exhibitions a year from our own collection and with (inter)national loans. As a national museum for art and history, the Rijksmuseum is at the heart of society. We want to be a place where everyone feels at home. A museum that contributes to awareness and mutual connection in society.

KPN’s most beautiful contact background
That KPN’s most beautiful contact background is an initiative of KPN and this year celebrates its fifteenth anniversary. The fund supports initiatives of various social partners aimed at stimulating social contact of vulnerable groups in society for whom this contact is not obvious. The fund deploys knowledge, ICT, resources and people (KPN volunteers) to do something about it.

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