Axie Infinity: complete explanation of this game to earn money

axie infinity: You’ve probably heard of it. It is the biggest blockchain game at the moment and it is played by no less than 1.85 million users every day. The game runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is a way to generate a monthly income doing something you would love to do anyway: play games.

You can get this income in Axie Infinity in different ways, for example fighting other monsters in Adventure mode or competing against other players in Arena Mode, you can also breed, or breed, Axies and sell them. But more on these different shapes later!

2021 is the year of DeFi and DeFi games in particular have been very popular in recent months. Are you convinced and want to know what exactly Axie Infinity is? Then read on quickly! Today you will learn what DeFi gaming is, exactly how Axie Infinity works, how the team works, and how you can start playing!

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You can watch the official trailer for Axie Infinity, which came out 3 years ago, below.

What is DeFi gambling?

Before you can know what DeFi gaming is, of course you need to know what DeFi is. DeFi stands for decentralized finance. Games like Axie Infinity are actually products within the decentralized environment, in other words an environment where no one is in charge and there is never a middle man/middle man.

Therefore, applications in DeFi are not offered by banks, governments, or another party, but by the ecosystem participants themselves. Examples of DeFi applications are staking and loans. Staking means holding tokens for which you receive fees and lending means lending your tokens for which you receive interest.

You can probably already guess what exactly DeFi gaming is: a game within the decentralized environment. A DeFi game, often also called a crypto game or a blockchain game, is therefore a game that builds on the decentralized ecosystem and makes use of the various applications of decentralized finance.

For example, within games you often see different liquidity pools where you can trade tokens, from which liquidity providers can make money, but NFTs are also often an extremely important part of games because, for example, characters within games are often NFTs. .

How does Axie Infinity work?

Before we can delve into how Axie Infinity works, it’s good to know the idea behind the game. What are you really doing when you start playing Axie Infinity?

In Axie Infinity, it’s really about the Axies, which are the characters in the game. Axies are little round monsters that come in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes, perhaps inspired by the Pokémon we all know.

In Axie Infinity you are, so to speak, part of another universe, namely the Axie Universe. The Axies live in this universe. You, as a player, can use the Axies to fight, but also to breed Axies and then sell or reuse them, for example. Very interesting! But now let’s take a closer look at exactly how this works.


Within Axie Infinity there are two tokens: Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP). Let’s take a look at what exactly these two tokens are.

First up is Axie Infinity Shards. Axie Infinity Shards is an ERC20 token. Axie Infinity has a total supply of 270,000,000 tokens, but just over 61,000,000 of these are currently (Oct 29, 2021) in circulation.

At the moment, the AXS token doesn’t have much added value yet, in fact, it doesn’t have any added value yet. However, it is already known that these tokens can be staked in the future and will also serve as a governance token. Getting attention is of course a good thing, because that way you can earn additional passive income with your tokens, but the fact that it becomes a government token is also promising. This means that the owners of this token will have control of the platform by then. For example, owners of governance tokens can often vote on new features.

Also, you have the Mild Love Potion token. The mild love potion is actually the token the game runs on. For example, you receive Smooth Love Potion when you win a battle. However, you will also need this Mild Love Potion again, for example to feed your Axies, but also to breed new Axies. The total supply of SLP is therefore infinite. An infinite number of new Mild Love Potions can be created as they are created each time a duel is fought. Of course, there is some sort of burn mechanism with the tokens that actually need to be used. Currently, SLP has a circulating supply of 2,145,135,756.

The market

Now that we know how Axie Infinity tokens work, we naturally want to know how the market works, because this is a crucial part of a blockchain game.

Axie Infinity has its own marketplace, which you can find at In this market you can buy Axies, Lands, Items and Bundles. Below is a brief explanation of what each of them consists of:

  1. axes – the characters within the game.
  2. Country – In-game terrain pieces. You can use them as a base of operations for your Axies and you can also farm items that you are going to sell.
  3. Articles – all sorts of different items you can place on your terrain, for example.
  4. bundles – various packs you can buy, often made up of 2, 3 or 4 different items.

Buying something through the Axie Infinity marketplace is actually very easy. Link your wallet to the marketplace, for example MetaMask or Ronin Wallet, or log in with your email and password. Then you are in your account and you can start buying things. Actually, this is completely self explanatory.

The market is very simple and this naturally lowers the threshold to get started with Axie Infinity. It is really understandable for everyone.

How do you earn money in Axie Infinity?

Earlier we hinted a bit about the ways you can earn money with Axie Infinity, i.e. naming the different ways and naming the token you get paid in. Now let’s take a closer look at the different shapes.


The first way to make money with Axie Infinity is, of course, what the game is all about: battles. Battles can be divided into 2 categories: fighting monsters in Adventure Mode (PvE) and fighting other players in Arena Mode (PvP).

The rewards differ depending on the mode, in principle, the rewards in the arena mode are a bit higher. In the tables below, you can see the differences in rewards between the different modes.

This table shows the rewards for Adventure Mode (PvE).

level PFS
lvl. 1-4 1 SLP per win
lvl. 5-9 2 SLPs per win
lvl. 10-14 4 SLPs per win
lvl. 15-16 6 SLPs per win
lvl. 17-20 5-10 SLP per win
lvl. 21-36 10-20 SLP per win

This table shows the rewards for Arena Mode (PvP).

Matchmaking Ranking PFS
0-800 0 SLP per win
800-999 1 SLP per win
1000-1099 3 SLPs per win
1100-1299 6 SLPs per win
1300-1499 9 SLPs per win
1500-1799 12 SLPs per win
1800-1999 15 SLP per win
2000-2199 18 SLP per win
2200-2299 21 SLPs per win
2300+MMR 24 SLP per wi
Battles in Axie Infinity

completing tasks

You can not only earn money by fighting battles. No, you can also earn money by completing tasks. Every day, users get new tasks and this encourages them to log in to the game every day.

The 3 daily tasks are the same every day, namely:

  1. Daily registration: the first task of the day is simply to log in.
  2. Complete 10 Adventure Mode levels – The second task of the day is to complete 10 Adventure Mode levels, so you will receive SLP anyway.
  3. Win 5 Arena Matches – The third task of the day is to win 5 Arena matches, but for this you will also receive SLP anyway.

When a user completes all 3 daily tasks, they will receive 25 SLPs, in addition to the SLPs they already received from winning Adventure Mode and Arena Mode battles.

Soon not only daily tasks will be available, but also weekly missions and special events. We don’t know exactly what this will be like yet, but we will find out.

brood axes

Also, in Axie Infinity you can also use your Axies to breed. Basically, this literally means making Axie babies. You can then sell these baby Axies again, or use them to breed or fight Axies again.

Each Axie can breed a total of 7 Axies. The cost increases with each subsequent Axie (from 1 to 7). You can see exactly how this works in the table below.

BreeTell wide number Total cost of SLP
0/7 one 600
1/7 two 900
2/7 3 1500
3/7 4 2400
4/7 5 3900
5/7 6 6300
6/7 7 10200

So the costs add up, so there’s a good chance that the early breeds will be more profitable than the later breeds. However, the price of Axies and SLP can of course change.

team and foundation

Axie Infinity is being developed by the company Sky Mavis which, like Axie Infinity, was founded in March 2018. 40 people work full-time on the game from their headquarters in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Now we tell you a little more about the most important of these 40 employees.

CEO: Trung Thanh Nguyen

The CEO (executive director) of Axie Infinity is Trung Thanh Nguyen. He makes all the important decisions about Axie Infinity and runs the company on a daily basis from the headquarters in Vietnam. He is also the co-founder and former CTO of, a Vietnamese e-commerce startup that raised a total investment of $10 million.

COO: Aleksander Leonard Larsen

The COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Axie Infinity is Aleksander Leonard Larsen. Before joining Axie Infinity, he was a professional electronic athlete himself. He was even among the top 200 players in Europe when it came to DotA 2 gaming and furthermore represented the Norwegian esports team in Warcraft 3 and DotA 2 games.

CTO: Andy Ho

Finally, we look at the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Andy Ho. Andy is responsible for technical strategy and game development at Axie Infinity. For example, he has previous experience as an intern at Google and PayPal.


So, Axie Infinity is the biggest blockchain game right now. The entry level is not that high and you can earn money on your first day and then turn it into a monthly income. It may still be hard for you to believe, but earning a monthly income from a game is possible these days.

The game is basically very simple. You have Axies that you can use to fight, complete tasks, and spawn new Axies. You can make money from each of these things and the opportunities to make money or just have fun will expand in the future.

However, it is important that you do not play Axie solely for the money, because of course there is no guarantee of winning and you can also lose your money. So always pay attention to this!

Still have questions about Axie Infinity? We hope to see you in our AllAboutCrypto Facebook Group† If you have any questions, you can look them up in our handy FAQs. Or if you Google your question + AllesoverCrypto you will quickly find an answer.

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