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,,On the road I could only think: it has to be done now, but how the hell am I going to do that? My body was screaming with adrenaline.” Ans became a mother to her daughter Pia de Ella in a toy store parking lot. Liesbeth and Kateryna also gave birth unexpectedly, and not on a soft bed.

Ans De Bruyn (36) gave birth to her daughter Pia (3) in a parking lot

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Belgian Ans has four children, and bringing her youngest daughter, Pia, into the world was quite a job. There was less than half an hour between her waters breaking and her own birth. “The gynecologist checked me out that day,” says Ans. “He thought she would give birth that weekend at the earliest.”

Ans gives birth at half past nine at night. At home, her water suddenly broke, after which she drove to the hospital with her husband. But they no longer succeeded. “I felt along the way that I really had to give birth now.” That’s how she does it, in her car, in the abandoned parking lot of the Fun toy store. It wasn’t that much fun. ,, We found my husband’s cell phone somewhere on the floor of the car, but the scare made him no longer know how to call the ambulance. Luckily there was a towel in the trunk. I asked him to get it, but he didn’t even remember where the trunk was. †

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We couldn’t see with the little car light if the umbilical cord was around the head.


Finally, Ans gets into the backseat with great difficulty and she and her husband are able to call the emergency services. “They asked my husband to check if the baby’s umbilical cord was not wrapped around the baby’s head. But we didn’t see that – it was completely dark in the car and the little light inside hardly helped. Fortunately, Pia suddenly came into the world very quickly, not long after. I quickly wrapped my scarf around her so she wouldn’t be cold.” Every time she walks past the Fun, Ans tells her daughter, “You were born here.” This is your parking space.

Kateryna Blieck (34) gave birth to her daughter Miley (2) on the stairs of her house

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Kateryna gave birth in her own home, completely unprepared in the hallway at the top of the stairs. Secretly, she wanted to give birth at home, but her plan was to do it in a birthing center. Kateryna already had a daughter in the hospital five years ago. It had taken more than twenty hours. So Kateryna didn’t expect her to be so quick the second time.

,,My contractions started around five in the morning. I could still take them back then.” Enough time, Kateryna thinks. Not so. The contractions are coming faster and faster. Suddenly, Kateryna feels one every minute. “I didn’t think so. I still felt so good! I told my husband that I could take another shower. And I asked him if he could run me a bath. I wanted to relax for a while, with candles.” But after that it goes fast.


When my husband was at the front door, I felt my head


“Suddenly my water broke,” laughs Kateryna. At that moment, she acts on autopilot. “I felt a kind of primal power. I screamed and roared unconsciously and after three violent contractions I felt the need to press.” Meanwhile, Kateryna crawls from the bathroom to the hallway. ,,It crossed my mind that I could now forget about my warm bath. Crazy, huh? ” Kateryna’s husband calls the midwife and asks her to speed up. About half an hour later, she is there. But when Kateryna’s husband answers the door, baby Miley is almost there.

“When my husband stood at the front door, I felt my head. I was relieved when I saw that Emma was there. I can still hear her yelling, ‘she’s fine, go ahead!’ I braced myself for one last contraction. And then our daughter was there.” Miraculously, Kateryna’s eldest daughter is still sleeping soundly. “She just noticed the next morning that she suddenly had a sister.”

,,I’m happy with how it went”, concludes Kateryna. I also cut my umbilical cord. I’ve always wanted to do something like that.”

Liesbeth Verhoeven (36) gave birth to her daughter Fran (2) along the Zoetweiweg in Putte

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Giving birth on the side of the road in the passenger seat: Liesbeth did it too. She talks about it like it’s the most normal thing. ,,That’s because I experienced everything in a haze. It’s hard for me to understand exactly how it all happened.”

At four in the morning Liesbeth has cramps at home. At five she ruptures her membranes and then she runs like a train. “My husband jumped in the shower because it seemed like we still had time.” Still, Liesbeth can barely walk at the time. They call her parents, but they can’t wait. “My oldest daughter was sleeping upstairs, but we had to leave or we wouldn’t make it. I felt that.”


In the car we called the emergency services, but I screamed so loud that they did not understand me


Liesbeth’s sentiment is correct. “As soon as she was in the car, I realized that the hospital was too far away. We called the ambulance, but I screamed so loud that they didn’t understand me. It was so hectic. I felt and looked: her head was already there.” It still crosses Liesbeth’s mind that now she can’t get an epidural, like with her first child.

Another fifteen minutes pass before the ambulance arrives, but Liesbeth can’t wait. She gives birth next to the Zoetweiweg in Putte. ,, My husband sat next to me at first, but he had to quickly jump out of our car when Fran was born. He arrived just in time to catch her. Otherwise she would have been lying on the cold ground.” When the ambulance arrives, the doctor cuts the umbilical cord. ,,I had to go to the hospital on a stretcher, the placenta was still inside me. Fran was with me, in my arms. I’m still sorry I don’t have a picture of that in the car, but that’s not what you’re doing. We don’t even look at the clock. I guess Fran was there at twenty minutes to six.

What Liesbeth does know for sure is that in the end she would rather give birth this way than have contractions for 24 hours. ,,Fran was there in half an hour. You go from nothing to everything. That’s intense, but it actually came out really well.”

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