Sander Schimmelpenninck, the world would not be better at all if women imitated men

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Sander Schimmelpenninck, despite half a century of feminism, has not fully understood, and it is that men are no longer the norm, nor are they the ones who determine what norm women must comply with.

Schimmelpenninck may feel that women are not living up to his expectations if they don’t work as hard as men. Women have massively entered the labor market, with the expectation that men will also share the unpaid work in the home, the care of the home and the children. And until that happens, women are absolutely right that they don’t take men’s lives as the norm and are unwilling to work the other way around, and it’s certainly not a luxury or laziness to not have a full-time job.

The world definitely wouldn’t get better if women imitated men. So, speaking of ‘our half emancipation’, gentlemen, take a look in the mirror. And just think, it’s pretty arrogant and pretty sexist to think that you can figure out what women should do without saying a single word about what women should expect from men in the meantime.

Blaming cheap sexism doesn’t help anyone.

Anja Meulenbeltamsterdam

everyone for himself

“Politics must think collectively, not each individual,” says UNWTO member Marc Bonten about the new corona measures. A true word, but not so easy to achieve. For the past ten years, the same policy has instilled in the minds of citizens that individual freedom is the greatest good. Success is a choice, if you fail it’s your fault.

As a result, the citizen has become a competitor of that neighbor rather than a supportive member of the same society as his neighbor. They try to outdo each other to take advantage of the dwindling facilities that the ever-retreating government still makes available.

In addition to a new management culture, a completely different way of thinking is needed here. It remains to be seen whether the political parties now being formed are capable of doing so.

Willem DeckerSon and Breugel


So, if I understand correctly, the vaccine doesn’t work very well in people who need it, but it works very well in people who don’t.

Theo MaassenEindhoven

contact moments

Why do I never hear a critical voice about the 5-hour closure of the catering industry, sports clubs and other group activities, and the so-called ‘creative’ solutions that have been devised and devised for this? Isn’t it intended to reduce the moments of contact and therefore not displace the times in which these activities and contacts are carried out, so that they can continue?

norwegian vitringa Uithoorn


Imagine if Winston Churchill had said to his people during the Battle of Britain in 1940: ‘Would you be so kind as to board up the windows? But if you object to this because of the risk of theft, we will reserve a place at the hospital. And of course we will also come and extinguish your neighbors house.

michiel ytsmabilthoven

talk shows

Godfried Bomans once aptly described today’s talk shows on television: “They have nothing to say and therefore do it extensively.”

Hans Kuylenburgamsterdam


I like flowers. Flowers in their natural state, in the right soil, at natural temperatures and conditions. As soon as a flower is cut with its stem, death is hastened.

They are often ‘compounded’ together with other species in a bouquet and do not thrive because each species has a different death duration.

Gerberas have iron wire stuck through their heads and along their slender bodies. Because, once cut, it succumbs faster. Cannot stand upright without support. These flowers don’t like people, tell the grower.

I will be for her and those of her ilk the voice that they themselves do not have. Dogs can howl and babies can scream, but flowers removed and/or decapitated from their natural habitat have no voice. So get rid of the greenhouses, get rid of the species that don’t thrive here outdoors. Reassess what grows and thrives here.

letya the gooddragons


It is becoming a new taboo, naming the ‘injustice’ that those who choose not to be vaccinated for whatever reason are given priority at the hospital for care.

This was radically expressed in the article ‘Sadness grows in hospital: ‘This feels like a profoundly dark phase’. CI nurse Melissa van Klink honestly admitted that she struggles with the fact that, for example, patients due for heart surgery who have been on a waiting list for some time have to wait longer because an unvaccinated covid patient has become very ill and suddenly through the hospital the well-known “priority lane” will use an IC bed.

Why priority? Normally you have to make a sacrifice to get ‘priority’. The most recognizable to all of us is the priority that you can buy to board a plane, and for the rest, we also know the priority that disabled people (rightly so) queue at the Efteling.

The gist is that ‘priority’ is not free and otherwise you just have to close at the back. When I hear that 50 percent of IC beds are currently occupied by unvaccinated people, we should start a conversation about this taboo. I write this on behalf of all those patients who have been in the queue for a long time.

J. OpheijEindhoven

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