Bart Dikmans: “The consequences of a cyber attack or hack are incalculable!”

If anyone is proud of the city, it’s Tilburger Bart Dickmans (54) yes! She lived in no less than 16 different places in the city, He worked for Interpolis for 10 was spacious 8 year as an entrepreneur active in the train and training world and has been the new business since the beginning of this year developer IT and telecommunications service provider tredion† The company that, among other things, is specialized in cybersecurity (a terribly hot topic) wants to make city businesses and the people of Tilburg more aware of the dangers that lurk online. We ask Bart (0)13 questions. He Keep reading fast!

#1: First things first: what kind of company is Tredion and how did you get there?

tredion is a company that makes sure that other companies, our clients, can work well his IT and telecommunications challenges completely out of your hands. We also train our clients’ staff on how to use our services or products. We’re among other things specialized in cybersecurity and very proactive in that regard. In concrete terms, this means that articles for any problem can detect and resolve concerns before our customers know it. As a result, they can fully concentrate on their own business without worrying about his IT, telecommunications and online security. I have been employed here since January 1st. He had put out an appeal on LinkedIn that he was looking for a new challenge. CFO Luuk responded to that and that’s how it happened.”

#2: What does your position in Tredion imply?

“I don’t have an IT background, but I have a large business network in the city and business experience. I use my network to introduce Tilburg to businesses. tredion† We do this for source of organizing corporate events, sponsorships and security scans for SMEs in (but also outside) the city. We really want to give something back to the region. There are so many dangers lurking online that companies are unaware of. The security scans we offer are free. Within an hour, the entire organization is reviewed and receives an extensive report containing the dangers and possible solutions. My working days are therefore very diverse. One minute I’m preparing a mailing campaign, the next I have company appointments or I’m attending a business event.”

#3: What do you enjoy most about your job?

“Actually speaking with entrepreneurs and visiting companies. I am always curious about the history of entrepreneurs. What drives them, where do they want to go in the future and what keeps them awake? These are questions that I always ask myself and for which I am always very curious. Then we may have the solution to a number of problems that keep an entrepreneur up at night, or I can use my network to help you. Ultimately, human contact is the most enjoyable part of my job. People are just nice!”

#4: What sets Tredion apart from other IT service providers?

“Especially on the adoption part. You can buy software, hardware, or other services and products from us, but you only get started after that. We train companies on how to deal with our products† Also, it is just a nice club with 50 employees and therefore a reliable company. And the most important thing: we make sure that our customers are completely free of charges in the field of IT, telecommunications and cybersecurity.”

#5: Why is a good and safe environment so important for entrepreneurs?

#6: Do you think that current social situations make people more aware of the importance of cybersecurity?

“I hope so! Due to the corona crisis, you saw that many people started working from home and companies needed efficient remote work. But there is also awareness about the developments in Ukraine. That is not just a physical war, but also a cyber war. Companies are hacked from one side to another and logistics are shut down. The following also applies here: the consequences of a hack are often incalculable.”

#7: Are there areas of IT that you anticipate will become even more important in the near future?

“A lot. working from home, Virtual reality is going to take off, but robotization is also causing challenges† For images: Robots can also be hacked. In practice, it may be the case that robots that perform operations or other important work are hacked. Even then you can imagine how big the consequences are. If I had to advise companies on the basics, I would recommend not looking at specific solutions, but rather the whole picture. What are the risks, what can I do to protect them, how do I make sure they don’t hack me again, and what do I do if something goes wrong. A good start is the security scan we offer.”

#8: What are your ambitions within Tredion?

“First of all, expand the network of relationships and customers. I will also train our staff in the field of trade.communication and leadship† and we organize ourselves July 14 the biggest cybersecurity event in the region† Here we expect the presence of 200 companies from Tilburg and surroundings† This program is going to be really cool and is a must have for all entrepreneurs. We are organizing this event together with Rabobank, VDT Advocaten and Station88. We have in mind the Koning Willem II stadium or the Spoorzone as a location. And of course I think it would be great to work for beautiful companies from Tilburg. Think of William II, midpoint brabant and mental laboratories

#9: You’re located in the middle of the Spoorzone – how about that?

“Fantastic! We don’t sit here for nothing. The Spoorzone is the technical center and data center Virginian Tilburg – this is where it happens. We hang out a lot with companies in the Spoorzone and are located in building 88† Therefore, we work closely with Station88 and share ideas to reach and help SMEs in the region. Plus, it’s a great place to sit, of course.”

#10: Tredion was not originally a Tilburg company – did they consciously choose to hire it?

“Oh yes! Of course I have a great business network here. And they were looking for someone with a commercial background with experience in Tilburg. I immediately said: I have no IT experience. Fortunately, that is not necessary either. As soon as get technical, I immediately push the real technicians forward!”

#11: You are a proud Tilburguer: what makes you proud of such a big city?

“Over the last 25 years I have seen the city change tremendously. We’ve gone from being the ugly duckling of Brabant to a full-fledged student town bursting with cool events. Also, the nightlife is vibrant and there are a huge number of hot spots. Real estate agent from Den Bosch told me recently: ‘We look with envy at Tilburg and what is happening there. We can’t even stand in your shadow anymore.” That makes me proud!”

#12: How is Tilburg different from other cities?

“I only think about the initiatives and events in the city. Everyone is welcome here, even at Carnival (wink) – however, the Tilburger is simple. It’s packed with great initiatives and the lines are short. you have one here huge diversity of mpeople That each other easily to know find. The best things that happen here are created by these kinds of collaborations.”

#13: What places in the city do you like to visit?

Especially in Piushaven, in Korte Heuvel, Spoorpark and in Willem II. My father was part of the team that became the first champion of the Netherlands. That makes me very proud. I like to visit Café de Slijterij, Café Bakker, Villa Pastorie and you hurt. II used to also just a moment I worked at Café Bolle, so that business has a special place in my heart too! I also like to attend events like HapStap, the carnival, the Tilburg fair and the Draaimolen Festival.

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