Zara opens the world’s largest store in Madrid: a visit

Madrid – The latest trends in fashion, technology and sustainability converge in the brand new Zara store that recently opened its doors in the heart of Madrid. FashionUnited had the opportunity to visit the store, which is located on the ground floor of the iconic brand before its official opening on April 8. Spain Building in the Spanish capital. This building in front of the renovated Spain Square in Madrid, it has been consolidated before its launch as the largest Zara in the world, and Inditex’s flagship store.

With more than 7,700 square meters of surface area, of which 3,815 square meters are destined for commercial space, the chain is present in its new Zara in the Spain Square managed to implement its most innovative and advanced store concept, with new services and new ways of presenting its collections. This has never been seen before in any of Zara’s nearly 2,000 stores worldwide. This is a series of novelties that fit perfectly with the new commercial model pursued by the chain through larger flagships, located in iconic places, with a renewed image and the latest omnichannel technologies. The result is a store that looks much more like a department store than a typical fast fashion chain.

With this opening in Spain Square Zara manages to distance itself more and more from the term ‘fast fashion’, as it has been doing for some time, launching more sustainable collections with ever greater added value. Zara offers a new shopping experience based on a series of new functions and tools. These new services allow consumers to interact with the chain in a different way, without a new purchase intending to replace a previous shopping experience, but rather to complement it.

Much more than a flagship store

The new flagship store -although that term barely covers charging- has a total of four floors. The ground and first floors are dedicated to women’s collections and collection and return of online orders, the third floor is dedicated to men’s fashion and the basement floor is where Zara’s children’s collections are located.

At the entrance of the store, as well as at various strategic points, there is a QR code that can be scanned with a mobile phone, to access a detailed map of the store. The ground floor consists of a large white space with lots of light, where the women’s fashion collections can give the store its own character. An idea from Zara’s own team of architects, who are in charge of developing the entire retail project.

Other features offered by the ground floor, in addition to a large checkout area: a department dedicated to denim fashion, colorful screens designed to make the purchasing process more efficient, a “Click&Collect” area for collecting online orders and an automated point for online returns; the first of its kind, worldwide, that the chain has opened in one of its stores.

Image via: Zara

Book your own fitting room

You can reach the first floor via elevators or escalators. This floor is also dedicated to women’s fashion, but then to the chain’s special releases. This is also the floor where the main technological services that Zara can provide from this new location are concentrated. Spain Square has deployed. In a large changing room, the customer can reserve a changing room, both on the spot and through the “Click&Try” service of the Zara App store option. In a large area with self-checkout counters, the customer can pay for their items independently and take them with you. Customers can pay by card or through the Zara App with the “Pay&Go” service.

There is also an online shopping collection point, through a robotic silo with capacity for up to 1,500 orders. In addition, there is a cardboard recycling area where customers can leave their boxes and other packaging materials from their collected orders.

Image via: Zara
Image via: Zara
Image via: Zara

“Zara Lingerie” in the store for the first time

In each of the different areas for women, men and children, an independent space has been set up as a “showroom”. Here the chain shows its designs in the field of shoes and accessories. The “boutique” areas become a kind of corner with special categories of the Zara collections, within the Zara store itself. This emphasizes the “mall” character of this Zara.

On the first floor for women, in addition to the space for shoes and accessories, customers will also find a “boutique” area for the “Zara Beauty” and “Zara Lingerie” lines. Until now, the latter was only available on the Zara website.

Image via: Zara
Image via: Zara
Image via: Zara

A space reserved for the sports line “Zara Athleticz”

On the third floor, on the menswear floor, you will find a space reserved for the Zara Athleticz sports line, where you can find many “Zara Athleticz” products, such as training pants and sports shirts.

To end this tour of the largest Zara in the world, we will go to the basement, which houses the children’s collections. A carefully decorated space, in which a space is also reserved for the exhibition and sale of the footwear and accessory collections as a “showroom”, with the associated “boutique” space.

A sustainable space

In the development of this new “megastore” in Spain Square Great care has been taken to ensure the correct use and optimization of natural resources. The store is connected to the internal “Inergy” platform from which Inditex centrally controls the efficient consumption of air conditioning and energy installations in its stores.

The store also contains increasingly sustainable collections. The goal is that by 2022 at least 50 percent of the clothing sold will be from Inditex’s “Join Life” label. In addition, more environmentally friendly materials have been used in the construction of the space. Consider the use of a cellulose coating on ceilings and interior walls. Other eco-efficient measures implemented: temperature control systems, air curtains at store entrances, speed-controlled escalators, LED lighting, motion sensors and automated programs that control lighting, giving the store the “Breeam “, the European certificate for a sustainable built environment.

Image via: Zara
Image via: Zara

This article originally appeared on FashionUnited.ES. Translation and adaptation from Spanish to Dutch: Eugenia Melissen Ferrer.

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