International Women’s Day, Sisterhood on TV: ‘Fear of Men’

“So I last counted and had unpleasant sexual experiences with thirteen men. Actually much more, because very often it was with just one man. quote from Brotherhood… The docufilm will be on television tonight, on International Women’s Day.

March 8, which means International Women’s Day. Motif of BNNVARA Brotherhood, with five women talking, by Sophie Dros. And to Underground reason to watch the film in advance for Blik op de Buis. In this UndergroundThe Erik Jonk section looks at new or flashy shows from regular TV stations or streaming services. A man, yes.

Brotherhood now more relevant

Sophie Dros is a filmmaker and also the girlfriend of actor Robert de Hoog from Videoland hit mob mob† The latter, of course, is not important at this point. Much more important is the fact that today is International Women’s Day and almost an hour of work by Dros is being broadcast. Her Sisterhood was screened at the Netherlands Film Festival in September.

This film is especially topical in relation to all the news about transgressive (sexual) conduct, after Tim Hofman in ANGRY with revelations about The Voice of Holland opened the black hole. In Brotherhood (which was recorded much earlier) women say, among other things, that they have more often had unpleasant experiences with men. And Dros asks the group of young girls, still in their teens: “Were you ever afraid of men?” They all say ‘yes’.

Five women in sisterhood

Teenagers discuss each other in a group discussion. Seeing that such young girls are already being sent photos of cocks through Instagram. They still react coldly and civilly: “You just shouldn’t do that, disgusting.” Brotherhood however, it mainly revolves around five outspoken women in their thirties. Four are interviewed by Sophie Dros, the fifth is Dros herself, who also gives her opinion. The ladies, Jamecia, Anne-Rixt, Tatjana and Maria, talk about the daily struggles they face as women. What did they have to deal with as children and adolescents and what do they face even now as an adult woman? What has shaped your self-image? What taboos perpetuate shame? Do the previous uncomfortable and unpleasant experiences affect your daily life? And where is the source of the current image of women, with men, the media or women themselves?

Sisterhood Sophie Dros International Women's Day
The four women interviewed in Sisterhood. Photo: HALAL

Don’t talk about things that men don’t want to hear.

the one in Brotherhood the handling of the cameras and the sound people are like yours, man. They will also be briefly discussed. what are you in Brotherhood both is the setting with fabrics and candles and how it was done. That makes him more human, less sterile. It also applies to the expressions of Sophie Dros, who admits that making the documentary film is ‘pretty spicy’. Women dare to admit that they can be whores among themselves fighting for their position.

But the main thing is that there is still not enough talk about topics that ‘we’ (read: often men) would prefer not to hear. In Brotherhood Sophie Dros and her contemporaries reveal themselves. They dare to talk about such topics as judging each other, embarrassment of growing old, admiring princesses from fairy tales, unpleasant experiences from the past, and fear of men.

Sisterhood Sophie Dros International Women's Day
The five teenagers in the sorority. Photo: HALAL

Brotherhood doesn’t make you happy

As for those bad experiences: “You can’t go back,” says one of the ladies. Y: “As a girl, you are much less strong. You can try all you want, but it won’t work if you have a man in front of you.” That sounds pointless, but a woman also says, “We want to mobilize as many men and boys as possible to be champions of change.” Sophie Dros dares to wonder if the solution ‘can’t lie within ourselves’ “Shouldn’t we do it ourselves?”

But yes, it is mostly about men with waving hands, unwanted photos, stalking (by the man) and the associated fear. you get happy about it Brotherhood not. Solidarity, the power of change is the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day. maybe that Brotherhood in imitation of Tim Hofmans ANGRY for a little extra power. it’s a little bit slow Brotherhood yes (and the red tampon trailing across the screen at the beginning is dirty), but the film is certainly worth watching on this very important day.

Sisterhood can be seen tonight (Tuesday March 8) at 22:30 on BNNVARA on NPO 2.

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