MORE Walks in Groningen and Drenthe: five tips

King Khan and the Shrines. PHOTO FILE SERVICE

Come and see Kurt Vonnegut’s anti-war history, visit Jan’s Garden, listen to the St Matthew Passion, experience the music of King Khan and The Shrines or catch a performance by The Bluebirds.

Past, present and future in one

Theater Rotterdam brings the anti-war book together with director Erik Whien slaughterhouse five by Kurt Vonnegut on stage. American soldier Billy Pilgrim barely survives the horrific bombing of Dresden at the end of World War II and has since become “loose in time.” He can walk through a door in 1945 and walk out sometime in 1965. He travels from his experiences in the war to his years of marriage in America and from his successful dental practice to the period he was abducted by aliens and put on display on his planet. .

It is then that Billy learns that time is not a linear concept, but that past, present and future occur simultaneously and that everything is connected. Kurt Vonnegut, who survived the infamous bombing of Dresden as a prisoner of war, made his way with slaughterhouse five † His famous novel is often described as an anti-war book, but the epic is all mixed up: existential, hilarious, suspenseful, sci-fi, and philosophical. slaughterhouse five can be seen on Thursday in Meppel.

Meppel – Schouwburg Ogterop, Thursday 8:15 p.m., €26

Jan Wilde to Garden, for fifteen years

Jan Wilde een Tuin exists fifteen years, which will be held with an open garden until June 26. In recent years it has become a garden in which the natural balance is central. Together with Tuingoed Foltz in Meeden and Tuinfleur in Oostwold, an Elfenbloem route has been laid out, which can be visited in April and May.

15 artists have been invited to exhibit in the garden and the garden house: Bastiaan Meijer (insect houses), Mirjam Wieringa (glass art), Maarten Burggraaff (stone statues), Leo Gerritsen (bird houses), Marian Stam Wilgen (wickerwork), Elizabeth Kodde (ceramics), Nanny ter Wiel (paintings), Oscar de Jong (sculptures), Hilde van Heuveln (ceramics), Sophia de Vries (steelware), Marjan van Schaik (glass), Maaike Nijlunsing (paintings), Thea van der Hout (textiles), Sija Brouwer (glass art), and Judith Bender (photos).

Westerlee – Jan Wilde a Garden, Sat & Sun 10am-5pm, Free

Representation of the Passion according to Matthew by Bach

On Wednesday night and Friday night of April 15, a shortened version of the matthew passion by johann sebastian bach performed at the Clemenskerk in Havelte. The classical piece is performed by an enthusiastic choir and orchestra project conducted by Jannie Kroes. the idea of matthew passion by Bach, in an abridged version, will be performed by Kroes, who is director of two choirs in the area.

After it turned out that the Clemenskerk church council was also enthusiastic, a plan was made and the collaboration began. The choir, with thirty singers and an orchestra of twelve musicians, is looking forward to this year’s performances with great enthusiasm.

Havelte – St. Clement Church (PKN Church), Wednesday and Friday 8 pm, free

The BlueBirds sing about women and friendship

2017 The BlueBirds started out as a trio of a shared love of country music. As of 2021, Krystl and Rachèl Louise will be the regular birds. They wrote their second album. big big world with various vocalists and songwriters. In polyphonic songs, inspired by indie and folk music, topics such as feminine power and friendship.

In addition to the songs from this album, which will be released in October, Krystl and Rachèl Louise will perform classics by Dolly Parton, the Dixie Chicks and Kacey Musgraves, among others. During their performance they have the assistance of a third singer as a special guest. The album big big world it is catchy, polyphonic, personal, decorated with beautiful stories and presented with taste and love.

Delfzijl – De Molenberg, Thursday 8:15 p.m., €23.50

King Khan & The Shrines on stage

In 1999, King Khan decided to enrich the world. with his eight-man band The Shrines. From the first album three hairs and you’re mine since 2002, the band has constantly reinvented itself. Their sound contains elements ranging from garage rock, psychedelic soul to krautrock.

With the help of The Shrines, the leader knows how to proclaim his strange stories and legends like no other. King Khan & The Shrines played numerous festivals and concert venues and were also invited by Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson to perform at the 2010 Vivid Festival in Sydney. On Wednesday it will be the turn of the Vera pop stage.

Groningen – Vera, Wednesday 9:30 p.m., 15 euros

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