From the metaverse to the green revolution, these are the trends for 2022

Also this year, digital strategist Bart Meerdink will walk you through the five biggest trends for the year ahead. The 2022 Digital Marketing Trends Report was created by interviewing subject matter experts and analyzing over 100 digital strategies.

What can you expect in the trend report?

one.The advancement of Marketing Operations (MarOps) as a discipline
The amount of data and tools available is growing. Many marketers are busy every day with the smartest funnel design, which is getting more and more complex and technical. The role of central data collection and the right tools is becoming more and more important. This also increases the need to better streamline the entire marketing operation. This leads to a new discipline in our field; marketing operations

two.Everything automated?
Many marketers activate the buttons on their ads on a daily basis to optimize their ads. The increasing automation of Ads and Search helps us more and more. Big tech companies like Alphabet (Google) and Meta (Facebook) invest heavily in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). As a result, there are more and more possibilities to leave the optimization of your campaigns to the algorithms. Does this mean that the noble work of daily campaign optimization is a thing of the past and we have more time to build a strong brand?

3.To the metaverse or not
Our physical world continues to digitize. Large organizations are taking the next step in the development and adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, virtual and augmented reality applications, and AI. This additional digitization lays the groundwork for the Metaverse.

The metaverse (composition of meta ‘beyond’ or ‘beyond’ and universe) can be described as a future vision with a shared virtual world through which you move as an avatar. It won’t go that far in 2022. However, we will become more and more familiar with new apps and digital possibilities, like a virtual open house or a test drive for your new car.

This virtual world also offers opportunities for customer experience and customer service. What would it be like to be able to help your customer in a customer service center in the metaverse in the future?

Four.Shortage in the labor market
At the beginning of 2021, there was a lot of economic uncertainty. Billions from the NOW scheme kept many companies afloat. There were fears of a wave of bankruptcies and rising unemployment. In mid-2021, the picture turns out to be different as Bart reviews the 2021 trends report in his summer column: “I’ve never seen such demand for digital marketers before.”

The high demand for digital marketers remains. The shortage in the labor market causes a delay in many digital marketing roadmaps. In 2022, therefore, more will be invested in the development of employees (and talent) to retain and retain them. So having the right people in your organization to respond to trends and developments is essential, but what else can we expect in 2022? = do
The time for pretty words and greenwashing is over. Organizations are expected to take a more critical look at products and polluting emissions in the supply chain. In 2022, the green revolution will be reflected in a greener e-commerce chain, among other things.

Consumers remain highly susceptible to cheap and fast products, but fortunately they are increasingly tempted to make greener choices. Options that are often of interest to your organization. 2021 has brought a definite breakthrough of the green revolution. Let us, the marketers, make sure this continues in 2022!

Read the entire trend report
Bart provides a detailed explanation of these five trends in the Trend Report. He inspires you with examples and new knowledge. In addition, the trend report contains three interviews with experts in the field. Marketing technologist Frans Riemersma takes you into the world of MarOps, digital marketing ad specialist Alex Groenendijk talks about ad automation, and author Heleen Buldeo Rai shows the possibilities for greener options.

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