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Introverted leaders have been shown to deliver better results than extroverted people. Perhaps this idea is crucial for a successful approach to the world of marketing and marketing communication of the future, Koot writes in his weekly ‘Week Van’. He also paid attention to the framing of Klaas Dijkhoff, the keynote of Conny Braams from Unilever, the TikTok Musical, the Cross Media Café. And indeed: the two biggest brands in entertainment are teaming up to create a metaverse for kids.

Gert Koot writes it weekly – all about him and the profession in the wild world of branding, media and entertainment. Koot worked for more than twenty years in various advertising agencies and was also a director of marketing for a time. For several years, Koot has had his own consultancy under the name of Branded Entertainment and advises on new and digital media. As a teacher, he is associated with SRM and NIMA, among others. In this column on Marketingfacts, Koot discusses “what needs to be discussed.”

#one introvert

Carl Jung popularized the terms “introvert” and “extrovert” back in 1921, but he didn’t think anyone was one or the other. “There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert,” he wrote, and yet nearly a hundred years later we still use these terms to explain our behavior. Internet culture is naturally noisy, busy, and interactive. After all, it requires constant self-promotion, inspires sharing, and rewards the loudest voices. But in this mind-opening story by Ana Andjelic we read that there is also an alternative. We can all also strive to communicate less, but in deeper and more meaningful ways. Listening and observing take precedence over talking. Be motivated less by ego and more by a greater purpose. Focus on self-expression instead of self-promotion. We tend to think of leaders as charlatans, but research by psychologist Adam Grant, a management professor at Wharton, found that introverted leaders perform better than extroverted people. If the success of startups like Tracksmith or the Bored Ape Yacht Club is any indicator, modern entrepreneurship emphasizes crowdsourcing, inviting customers to the brand, and fostering a sense of fandom and community. Introverted leaders have shown that they go beyond their egos and work for a greater cause. Perhaps this idea is crucial for a successful approach to the world of marketing and marketing communication of the future.

#two Web3 according to Unilever

Conny Braams is Unilever’s chief digital and commercial officer. This week, she gave a keynote address at the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) World Marketing Week 2022. During this keynote address, she gave insight into how Unilever sees the future of marketing. Braams: “The challenges and concerns of today’s consumers will only increase in an environment where personal data becomes more personal. Regulation alone is not enough. Self-regulation alone is not enough. Self-control alone is not enough. “We need a mindset shift from problem solving to problem prevention. True technological evolution must be accompanied by the development of substantial, new and ethical infrastructures and policies. Because the Internet without trust is scandalous.” And I think her vision is more than totally in line with Ana Andjelic’s story.

#3 Community

We have written it more than once. The growing importance of community. A necessary part of a future successful relationship with stakeholders is thinking about and building a community. But what are the basic elements of a community? According to clinical and community psychologist David McMillan, a community is defined by four criteria: membership, influence, integration and need satisfaction, and shared emotional connection.

In this story, you’ll learn why a community can serve as a social safety net, but finding and being a part of one is different than just making friends.

#4 Dutch media cafe

The Cross Media Café has put a series of videos online again where you can see the latest encounter with the topic: Web3 and the media: the role of NFTs”. The good news is that we are still at the beginning of the developments. The only certainty is uncertainty. It is also clear that the speed at which developments are progressing is excellent. Therefore, all speakers have an unequivocal advice: just do it and try it. They are all interesting conversations about blockchain and NFT. And that an NFT is more than a digital image is clear from the responses. Don Diablo shares his journey of discovery and, together with Sophie op den Kamp, gives insight into the unprecedented possibilities of a digital world. So he takes a look and learns to taste it.

#5 The Tik Tok Musical

For You Paige is a story of true TikTok creators. In this story, Landon and his best friend Paige are working on a new TikTok song inspired by his favorite book series. And this is the basis for the first TikTok musical to be streamed live on TikTok on Thursday, April 14. Not just live but from Broadway in New York. You have to stay awake for a while because Dutch time is 01:00.

#6 Dall-E 2

The first Dall-E (a contraction of the artist “Dali” and “Wall-E from the Disney movie) could generate images from written text. All according to an ingenious machine learning model from the Open AI consortium. But now there is a second variant of Dall-E. It goes an impressive step further. Not only is the resolution much higher, but users can now select and edit specific parts of existing images, add or remove elements and shadows, or combine two images into a single collage. You can test for yourself how it works on the website and if you want to use it later, you have to complete the waiting list.

#7 framework

The buzzword of recent times. Everything and everyone is a “frame”. Framing is one of the ways you can influence behavior according to SUE and The Alchemists. You do this by carefully choosing what to say and what not to say about a given topic and how you present it. Framing is often associated with politics, but it’s actually everywhere. In this SUE & The Alchemists video, Klaas Dijkhoff gives a master class on framing the Partygate scandal with Keir Starmer vs. Boris Johnson. Unfortunately, the sound isn’t always great, but the lessons more than make up for it.

#8 Lego meets Fortnite

The two biggest brands in entertainment come together to create a kidsverse (metaverse for children). A collaboration between Fortnite developer Epic Games and Lego. Details are still scarce, but the companies say that everything they build will be designed from the ground up as a virtual family space. “The Lego Group and Epic Games will combine their vast experience to ensure that this next iteration of the internet is designed from the ground up with the well-being of children in mind.”

#9 NFT for retailers and brands

More and more brands are considering using NFTs to add value to consumers. So it’s not a one-time trick, but a new form of loyalty. Mike Proulx (Vice President and Chief Research Officer, Forrester Research Inc.): “We are starting to see more and more brands linking their NFTs and/or metaverse experiments with loyalty programs. Novel is an organization that can help brands and retailers with this. And more important. You don’t need any knowledge of the world of Web3.

#10 Time Magazine. The 100 most influential companies.

Just for the inspiration. Who are the pioneers, the titans, the leaders, the innovators and the disruptors among companies? Time has listed them all.

podcast of the week

The Airborne audio agency selects a special audio production every week. This time it is ‘American Metamorphosis’ by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in collaboration with the branded content department of the American media outlet The Atlantic.

The series began more than a year ago, in February 2021. That was about a month after the capture of the US Capitol: a historical event with great symbolic value. It showed that many things have changed in the world. It is no longer evident that we are all based on the same facts, so that large groups of society end up in a parallel reality. All these changes are the starting point of this podcast. Each episode takes a closer look at a topic, and then the experts shed light on it.

The show’s host, journalist Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani, will then work with a BCG expert to come up with solutions on how things can be done differently and smarter. So the podcast naturally contributes to BCG’s authority, as a party constantly thinking about how we can make broken systems work better. The main target group is, of course, decision-makers in business and government, but the insights and perspectives offered by this podcast are really interesting for a much broader audience.

You can listen to “American Metamorphosis” with this handy playlist on Spotify. Where you can also find all the other Podcasts of the week.

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