Four Reasons to Get Excited for the Upcoming Launch of the ZENCON Innovation Awards Hackathon Event 2022

In case you haven’t heard, the ZENCON Innovation Awards Hackathon recently collaborated with multiple partners to create a unique and exciting Hackathon event.

Taking place in Mexico, this event is the perfect time to see what the organization plans to highlight within the blockchain space as they join a community of skilled and experienced developers ready to embark on revolutionary projects to work on.

#one. You can collaborate like never before

If you are a developer with a true passion for the industry and love the idea of ​​discussing new and exciting ideas, attending the event will allow you to do just that. It’s an exciting time to meet like-minded people from all over the world and start sharing ideas with the potential to bring them to life.

The 2022 ZENCON Innovation Awards Hackathon Event encourages developers to collaborate on new ideas while focusing on ways to introduce those ideas to others, ultimately bringing new opportunities and innovation to the fore.

#two. It is the perfect place to meet industry experts.

Learn about the industry and web 3 while meeting dozens of cryptocurrency and blockchain industry experts. Hearing the valuable knowledge shared by these experts and others who attended the event, you’ll learn more important information, including investors, artists, and stars who look forward to seeing developers participate in ZENCON Hackathon.

#3. You have the opportunity to show your talents.

When you have innovative ideas that you think others will be interested in, the Hackathon event is the perfect time to showcase your talent by presenting those thoughts and concepts based on the specific challenge selected. Hackathon hosts give people a special space to connect, share, and create before they send their ideas out to everyone.

#4. Enjoy a fun friendly match

Compete with others in a quest to have your fantastic idea selected as one of the top five ideas. The sponsors support each of the five main ideas chosen to create a become an integral part of the ZENCON Blockchain. It’s a fun and friendly competition that gives experienced developers a real shot at being selected.

ZENCON Hackathon Event promotes innovation and gives people authentic opportunities to collaborate with other developers, meet industry experts, showcase their talents, and participate in friendly competitions. If you want to participate in the event, you can choose one of the following five challenges:

Metaverse/Games: If you are a gaming enthusiast looking for blockchain-enhanced gamified experiences, this challenge is perfect.

NFT/Tokenization: If you want to show that there is much more to NFT than just owning digital art, the NFT/Tokenization challenge would be a great one to try.

Decentralized Finance: If DeFi is your thing and you like the idea of ​​giving people opportunities to borrow, lend and share without relying on traditional banking institutions, this challenge is a must!

World of Web 3.0: Do you think you have what it takes to integrate Web 3.0 into something that others can use for convenience? Then share your creative idea in the hope that your concept will be selected.

B2B/B2C solution in the ecosystem: You brain full of ideas about solutions that will help companies prosper within the ecosystem? We want to know everything!

Unleash your creative side as you take on one of five challenges to bring your latest vision to life at the ZENCON Innovation Awards Hackathon Event. You have the potential to become a Win a prize and get your idea funded until it hits the market!

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