Fight inflation with these 27 savings tips

1 Turn the thermostat a little lower

It’s simple and you may have already done it, but with every degree you lower the temperature of the room, you save 7 percent on your gas consumption. Walking in a thick sweater is not a shame, watching TV under a blanket is cozy and cozy.

2 shorter shower

Do you already have a water-saving shower head? Well, but an average household that always showers for 5 minutes instead of 9 minutes saves more than 15,000 liters of hot water and 60 m3 of gas per year. A stopwatch or hourglass will help you with this.

3 Ventilate enough, especially when it’s colder outside

It may sound counterintuitive, but by ventilating there is less humidity in the house and dry air heats up faster than moist air. Ventilate when cooking or hanging clothes. This also prevents the formation of mold.

4 Radiator foil

This sends the heat into the room instead of the wall. The application is not difficult, more than a pair of scissors and often does not take a little time.

5 draft trips

Sealing all the seams and cracks in an average house quickly reaches 70 m3 of gas per year, which quickly exceeds 100 euros.

6 Try something different at the supermarket

According to the Belgian Test-Aankoop, an average of 45 percent is saved when switching from an A brand to a cheaper private label.

7 Buy a rain barrel

In summer, do not irrigate your garden with drinking water, but with rainwater. In this way you save hundreds of liters of water per year.

8 Replace all incandescent and halogen lamps with LED lamps

An LED lamp is more expensive to buy, but it lasts longer and consumes less electricity. In the long run, you will save money this way. And there are more and more LED solutions, for example for fluorescent tubes there is now an LED alternative.

9 I prefer to take a shower than to take a bath

This way you not only use less water, but the water has to heat up less time, so you also save energy.

10 Make a shopping list and stick to it

With a shopping list you buy less things you don’t need and you forget to buy less things you do need.

11 Turn off the oven on time

And make good use of residual heat. Because a classic oven consumes twice as much as a microwave.

12 Fill the freezer

Often the freezer is not completely full. Stack it as high as you can, for example with bottled water (make sure they don’t burst when frozen). They conduct cold well and thus your freezer consumes less energy.

13 Always cook with lids on the pans

The cooking time and therefore the energy consumption will be three times less. Cook with as little water as possible. Make sure your pots and pans are the right size for the portion you want to cook and the size of the plate. TV chef t Pierre Wind’s advice also gives the advice to turn off the gas first and then leave the vegetables in the pan in the hot water for another 10-15 minutes for a delicious al dente result. A pressure cooker is not only faster, but also saves up to 70 percent energy.

14 Do the mortgage verification

Home prices have risen sharply, and that may mean you’re paying too much for your mortgage. Or that it is a good time to refinance the mortgage. So check out the mortgage because you can save big on that cost item.

15 Always turn off electrical appliances completely

Or better yet, pull the plug. A computer or television on standby, smartphone chargers or an electric toothbrush that gets stuck in the socket: these are standby consumers who spend barely 100 euros a year.

16 Put away your dishes

Wash only once a day. Dishwasher dishes use two to three times more energy than dishes washed by hand. you do that by hand
Not under running water, of course. But what about the eco mode of a dishwasher? You can read that here.

17 Defrost your freezer

Because it only works optimally if you regularly remove adhering ice. An ice layer of more than 2 millimeters on the freezing element would be good for 10 percent more power consumption. Also make sure the door seal closes properly and don’t make the freezer too cold, -18° Celsius is enough.

18 Use the dryer less

Hang your clothes to dry on a clothesline or clothesline. According to Nibud, you will save 30 euros if you let half of your clothes air dry.

19 Shop in the right season

They are already there: strawberries, but still quite expensive. Buy strawberries and other fruits and vegetables if there are a lot of strawberries. Locally grown produce at the right time is often not only the cheapest, but also the tastiest. In our fruit and vegetable calendar we have listed what is in season by month.

20 Buy second hand

There are many thrift stores and sites like Vinted where you can buy and sell a nice jacket or sweater. Garden furniture, cabinets, bicycles – everything can be bought second-hand for next to nothing at the second-hand shop or on the Marktplaats.

21 Save your change

Put all your loose change and every now and then a 1 or 2 euro coin in a piggy bank. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the amount increases without having to put in much effort.

22 Build a pantry.

Buy long-lasting products on sale, such as toilet paper, kitchen paper, washing powder, soap, toothpaste, dry pasta, canned tomatoes, etc. Not only is it cheap, it is also practical to have around the house.

23 Don’t join and wait

Christmas things not before December 25, but after and Easter eggs after Easter Monday save a lot of euros. It’s just a matter of waiting until they want to get rid of this stock.

24 Don’t let anything go past the date.

Buying cheap groceries, but still throwing food away is a shame. Organize your fridge and clear one shelf for leftovers, open produce, or items with a short shelf life that should therefore be used first. And a full freezer is your best friend!

25 Check current account

This can be easily done through the banking app or online banking. This way you will know what you are spending and what is coming in. And in this way you always make sure you are not in the red, because you pay interest for it. And always pay your bills on time, so you avoid extra costs.

26 be unfaithful

Loyalty is not rewarded in matters of money. Check annually if you still have the correct gas and electricity supplier, the Plus Cost service can help you with that. Is your cable, phone and internet subscription still the best? There are countless sites to help you compare and vverstappen can save you a lot of money.

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