5 things you will do if you win 120 million euros

120 million euros: have you ever seen such a high jackpot in a lottery? It’s hard to imagine how much money that is, let alone spend it all. You will have money left over with everything you want to buy. In this article we give you tips on what you can spend that money on and which lottery you should have. Spoiler alert: one that now has draws on both Tuesday and Friday.

With so many more opportunities to win those millions, you can probably dream up the idea. Have you already started dreaming? What are you going to do with so much money? After all, you can do almost anything with it. Even if you don’t mind being rich, a comfortable life without financial worries will appeal to you. What if you win such an incomprehensible amount? We have an idea of ​​how you can spend that money. You even have plenty to share with your parents, your friends or keep as an inheritance for your children:

1. Travel the world with your friends

It’s a classic answer to the question: what would you do with 120 million? However, that’s not to say it’s not a brilliant plan. Finally, give that friend of yours who always wants to be the superlative a taste of their own medicine by flying together in a private jet to the most beautiful destinations on our planet and not having to sleep in hostels, but on an exclusive ‘desert’ island. a la Richard Branson. And if that’s too normal for you, why not rent (or buy) a yacht for a vacation? If Beyonce and Jay Z can do it, then so can you, with a little help from your new financial status.

2. Buy a whole bitcoin in one go

It is difficult to invest the money you would really like to spend on rent or mortgage in crypto currency, but what if you suddenly have extra money to spend? Small change gets a whole different definition for you when 1 bitcoin is your change from now on. For 43,000 euros (at the time of writing this article) you already have a bitcoin in your hands, so you have a lot of money left over to invest in other cryptocurrencies, for example. You might be able to buy an NFT right away, like a jumpsuit from the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

3. Some cool cars

You really don’t have to immediately park 10 of the same expensive sports cars in front of your door to prove you’re rich: plus, you can only drive one at a time. However, there are undoubtedly cars that make your heart beat faster. Maybe you want to treat your friend to a super luxurious shopping cart for the whole family wrapped in his favorite animal print? And that usually too expensive sports car that you had in mind for yourself, of course, is only yours if you have it completely personalized. Your name embroidered on the leather of the steering wheel? The dashboard exactly the color of your eyes? Now you have the opportunity to have everything completely personalized, just as you always wanted. With a car that fits perfectly in your alley, you want the streets to be more and more unsafe.

4. Make a big investment in that hobby

Are you crazy about a certain football team and want to reserve the best seats in the stadium? If money is not an issue then you can do it. In fact, you can travel with the team to all the countries where they play. If there’s one thing you like in life, it’s your hobby, what you do when you’re done with work. Now he basically doesn’t have to work anymore, because his livelihood is provided for, but he still has money left over to invest more in his hobby. Build not only with your crypto wallet to the moon, but also with lego! With 40 billion Lego blocks you are over the moon. You can have it, because you will hardly notice it in your bank account. Although you better save some extra money to store all that LEGO and maybe hire some people to help you put all those structures together.

5. Move to the villa of your dreams

The housing market has been a drama for years. The substantial oversupply of homes that were half the price a few years ago doesn’t exactly feel good. With 120 million you can even buy the most expensive house for sale in the Netherlands. Recently that was a house on the Biltseweg in Bosch en Duin for 18 million euros. With your newfound wealth you no longer have to consider whether to use a buyer’s agent. You can even buy multiple dream villas. Just think: you can also furnish that house completely however you want.

So you see, even if you don’t have the money (yet), it’s great to dream of all the possibilities. And now you can even get really close to that dream amount twice a week. From now on, Eurojackpot will hold two weekly draws, which will considerably increase the jackpot and can reach 120 million euros. Previously it was 90 million euros. The tension is at least as high: every week you have twice the chance to become a billionaire. The drawings are on Tuesdays and Fridays. Play along!

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