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Gaming isn’t exactly exercise: You usually sit on the couch with a controller in your hands, or in your chair with a mouse and keyboard in front of you. This is sometimes the case in virtual reality (VR) as well, because there are many games where you mainly look around and use the controllers to act. A number of games stand apart from the rest by putting you to work.

With VR becoming more accessible to the general public through devices like the HTC Vive, Meta Quest devices (formerly known as the Oculus), and PlayStation VR, it’s a welcome technique for many gamers that can do a lot of things. . Below are six games that are guaranteed to get you off the court and maybe even get a good workout.

beat saber

Beat Saber OST 5 Launch Trailer.

Perhaps this is the most famous game on the list. Beat Saber is considered one of the staples of virtual reality games, and that’s not without reason. The rhythm game developed by Beat Games combines smooth gameplay with lively music and a good learning curve. To the beat of the music, you break colored blocks with your lightsabers. With five difficulty levels and a range of modifiers you can adjust the game exactly as you want. For example, additional challenging gameplay options are available, such as faster speeds and disappearing blocks.

Since Beat Saber appeared on the market in 2019, the developer has come a long way. In addition to five original techno, dubstep and rap music sets, you get the Extras and Camellia packs as standard. You can also expand the game with more DLC packs for specific artists. For this, a collaboration has been initiated with Lady Gaga, Imagine Dragons, BTS and Linkin Park, among others. Fall Out Boy was recently added to the collection.

Beat Saber is available for PlayStation 4, Windows and Meta.

Fruit Ninja VR

This game is exactly what you think: a virtual reality adaptation of the popular Fruit Ninja mobile game. Instead of swiping on the screen, you can take the swords in your hands here and spin. The objective is to cut as many flying fruits through the air as possible, without hitting the bombs. There are several modes to play in the game. For example, you can go for the old familiar classic mode or make it harder for yourself in survival mode.

Anyway, Fruit Ninja VR offers you a short but powerful experience where endurance and good peripheral vision are a must.

Fruit Ninja VR is available for PlayStation 4, Windows and Meta. Additionally, Fruit Ninja VR 2 is currently available in early access.

Synth Riders

Just like the Beat Saber mentioned above, Synth Riders is a rhythm game, but here the gameplay is a bit different. You hold two large spheres, with which you have to play notes at the right time and place. Some of these you have to touch with both controllers at the same time, and among others there is a thread that you can follow to accumulate more points. To make it easier or harder for you, you can also click here modifiers to complete the game the way you want, and on PC there is the option to add your own music and song maps to design.

Synth Riders has an upbeat and energetic soundtrack that is mostly made up of electro swing, nu-disco, and synthwave. Additionally, developer Kluge Interactive has teamed up with artists like Muse and Carnaval Palace to make the game even more complete with paid DLC packs. What makes the game more special is the Experience settings that have been added for some songs. In it you enter a world that is completely built around the song and in which the theme and images really feel more like a experience feel like a game.

Synth Riders is available for PlayStation 4, Windows and Meta.

pistol whip

In Pistol Whip you step on a bullet hell in which time and responsiveness are key. To the sound of intense music, you move through an environment full of enemies, with everything from a bank robbery to the graveyard. Of course, you don’t do it unarmed: as long as you’re faster than your attackers, you can shoot them with your pistol. If they are faster, dodge the bullets by crouching or leaning to the side. Therefore, Pistol Whip is extremely suitable for leg day

Thirty levels and two campaigns are available in the game. Additionally, Pistol Whip features various types of weapons and mods that you can unlock.

Pistol Whip is available for Windows and Meta.

Les Mills Body Combat

If you prefer a guided class but don’t feel like going to the gym, Les Mills Bodycombat is a good option. The game contains thirty different training programs in which you will always be guided by professional sports coaches.

So the game is really fitness based and uses the martial arts inspired ‘body combat’ style to get you moving as a player. The game launched earlier this year, and developer Odders promises more content to come, such as new environments.

Les Mills Bodycombat is available exclusively for Meta.

until you fall

In this roguelite fantasy game, you take matters into your own hands as you take on your enemies with different weapons and fighting styles. To stay alive you need to be constantly active. With each run, the available items and enemy setups are different, so the game continues to surprise you.

In addition to the hack-and-slash gameplay, Until You Fall also offers a story: the world of Rokar has collapsed and you are the last Rune Knight who can fight against the ghouls. With different weapons you intend to defeat your enemies once and for all… and be on the move.

Till You Fall is available for PlayStation 4, Windows and Meta.

Do you ever use virtual reality to do your workouts? We’d love to hear from you in the comments which games you prefer to use for that!

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