Nike will make shoes for Facebook’s Metaverse

It’s been the talk of the town ever since Facebook announced it’s coming with a Metaverse: what exactly is it? Although it has yet to officially take shape, it is also taking shape at the same time because companies are working on it in their own way. Nike, for example, has bought a company that makes virtual shoes.


RTFKT is a virtual sneaker maker that also makes NFTs. After all, you will soon have to do great with your limited edition sneakers in that online world and it will be no more ‘limited’ than with an NFT. An NFT is a non-fungible token, which means that it cannot be copied: it consists of unique particles, unlike bitcoin, for example, where one bitcoin has exactly the same value and form as another.

Nike is one of the brands that people raffle off because they love the shoes so much, plus, for example, they collaborate a lot with Patta for exclusive shoes that often go up in price even shortly after their release date. So it is not surprising that he also wants to know that position in the Metaverse, that place where we will all have virtual lives, much more intense than the ones we already have with social networks.

Nike in the Metaverse

Nike calls RTFKT Studios “a leading brand that harnesses groundbreaking innovation to deliver next-generation collectibles where culture and play meet.” It won’t have been a cheap buy, because RTFKT collaborated with FEWOCiOUS in February on 600 pairs of virtual sneakers that together sold for $3.1 million. And then NFTs weren’t even that well known.

Meanwhile, both NFT and Metaverse are really becoming a buzzword and notice that more and more companies want to ride this wave. Ubisoft will offer NFTs in its games allowing you to put them up for sale in the virtual world and Red Bull has done well with the special NFTs it released in the context of Max Verstappen’s Formula 1 success.

microsoft and google

There are also many companies that are already making promises of the role they want to play in the Metaverse that Facebook/Meta has in mind, but of which they don’t want to be the boss but just a player. For example, Google wants to do more with augmented reality to bring the digital world and the real world closer together. Microsoft is going to work in a more traditional way and wants to create virtual offices and workplaces, where you can collaborate well with your colleagues instead of the somewhat clunky video calls that we mainly have now.

Linked to NFTs (and they are going to play a big role in the Metaverse), crypto companies are also seen getting involved. For example, Binance has a good infrastructure for crypto, which may be part of that kind of Internet 3.0. Game companies are making sure that developers not only create 3D objects for their games, but also for the metaverse. For example, Nvidia wants to create a special avatar creator called the Omniverse Avatar. The idea is that through voice recognition and facial tracking you can create a realistic 3D avatar that you then use in that Metaverse.

dating in the virtual world

Even a company like would like to contribute by thinking about dating in such a virtual environment. He has revealed plans for a dating experience called Single Town where you basically virtually visit a bar with all kinds of singles. Ultimately, precisely because real-world companies are already jumping into it, it looks more and more like the Metaverse is becoming some kind of virtual copy of our real world.

But I hope not too much, because the art of the digital world is precisely that you can make things a little more beautiful or more magical than is possible in reality. Also, somehow you don’t expect the entire life of the Metaverse to turn into an NFT series, so it’s still a fun experience when you’re less rich. So we’re curious as to what exactly Nike plans to do with their new purchase, but they’ll no doubt reveal more about that in 2022, the year the Metaverse comes to life even more.

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