MORE Walks in Groningen and Drenthe: five tips

Tribute band to Supertramp Supertrap. ISARIN PHOTOGRAPHY

Enjoy The Oracle, a contemporary mystery game. Listen to harpist Remy van Kesteren. Visit the conference of the writer Guido van Hengel or see more than 100 quilts. Lots to do in the cultural field in Groningen and Drenthe in the next few days.

Pack – An alternate history of Yugoslavia

Guido van Hengel will be invited tomorrow to Van der Velde Boeken Assen to talk about his most recent book Pack – An alternate history of Yugoslavia say. Pack is a book about the shared destiny of animals and people in Europe. In this Reading Van Hengel elaborates on metamorphosis as the main inspiration for Roedel’s writing.

What animals live in us? How does a country fall into chaos overnight? What does it mean when trusted neighbors you’ve always lived with turn into killers? And what happens at twilight, in the ‘hour between the dog and the wolf’? The evening will be musically framed with music appropriate to the texts and images of Van Hengel’s book. Afterwards there is plenty of time to ask the author questions and get him to sign the book. Registration is required and can be done via or 0592-317519.

Assen – Van der Velde Boeken, Friday 7pm, 5 euros

A contemporary mystery game at the Baptist Church

the oracle is a contemporary mystery game. A theatrical ritual: 22 poems, fourteen stations and a man in search of a god within himself. the Way of the Cross Liszt’s is a work of great stillness. And inextricably linked to the divine. The fourteen stations of this Via Crucis, moments of the agony of Jesus, are reduced to the essence.

Bach-inspired hymns and chorales are combined with unison singing, pushing the boundaries of common tonality. Modesty is a first condition here, because the message is more important than the messenger. Leks Compagnie combined this work with ‘Greet God’, a dialogue between man and god by Eva Gerlach and Sasja Janssen, in a solo theatrical musical performance.

Groningen – Mennonite Church, Friday 4 pm, 10 euros

An ode to the British band Supertramp

The Supertramp Tribute Band super cheat will pay tribute tomorrow at De Molenberg in Delfzijl breakfast in america † This 1979 album by British band Supertramp is their best-selling album. It contains great hits like the logical song goodbye unknown breakfast in america take the long way home and son of vision

The album will be performed in its entirety. Complemented by a selection of, among other things, the albums crime of the century and Even in the quietest moments † Music from the golden age of Supertramp where Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies as opposites produced the most beautiful music and this band was perhaps the most successful rock band in the world.

Delfzijl – De Molenberg, Friday 8:15 p.m., €22.50

Instrumentals and a true orchestra of robots.

three years ago he did Remy van Kesteren a theatrical tour with the Analogue Robot Orchestra. However, the harpist is always looking for new musical angles. Together with the designer and builder of these electronic rhythm instruments, Jurjen Alkema, Van Kesteren has been hard at work over the past year on more, better and slightly different.

Musical evenings with Remy and his robot orchestra are dominated by his own compositions and covers, accompanied by Jurjen’s special images, which will change the world around the ‘robbery orchestra’. A new musical journey with this special instrumentalist. Directed by Eric Corton.

Groningen-De Oosterpoort, before 8:15 p.m., €24.50

The trip of a lifetime in quilts

The Wadd’n Quilters will celebrate its ninth time on Friday and Saturday biennial quilting exhibition spread across four locations in Baflo. The theme is: The journey of a lifetime. Enjoy more than 100 quilts and other textiles, from traditional art to modern art, at the Stol-Vennemahuis art house (a 1930s-style house whose interior has been restored) or at one of three other locations: the medieval Laurentius Church with a free-standing tower, The Anchor, and the Village Center Agricola.

In the Town Hall there are several stalls with different materials and homemade products. Demonstrations are also held at the various locations.

Baflo – Laurentius Church, Friday and Saturday 10am-5pm, free

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