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Juan Pedro Garcia Oliva. PHOTO FILE SERVICE

A first for the Vosbergen stage, a performance without a kokeleko, the misery of near death, everything about the sky builder and a host of triggers. There is a lot to do in Groningen and Drenthe in the next few days.

A performance without kokeleko

Bert Hadders and Herman Sandman. One is from Drenthe, the other from Groningen. They are together in the theater. the couple brings Singing and Placement, a program about Drenthe and Drenthe, about Groningers and Groningen.

Songs and stories about the beauty of the land and about the inhabitants, with their idiosyncrasies. For the inhabitants of Groninger and Drenthe, a terrifying recognition party and for those who are not from Groninger or Drenthe, many things suddenly become clear. They both grew up in Veenkoloniën, each on one side of the border. Hadders in Tweede Exloërmond, Sandman in Stadskanaal. They are childhood friends and have a love-hate relationship with the land of their parents, the Veenkoloniën.

A world of emptiness, windmills and filter coffee, of social housing, mobility scooters and autocross, where every sandstorm heralds the end of the world and life is like the German lottery: Ohne Gewähr. Hadders and Sandman teetered on the brink of alcohol addiction in the back room of civilization. They survived this and incorporated their experiences into an all-night show, straight from the heart of Drenthe and Groningen. no coke To be seen on Friday at vanBeresteyn in Veendam and also on saturday The Winsinghhof in Roden.

Veendam – vanBeresteyn, Friday 8:15 p.m., €17.50

Scoop for the Vosbergen podium

Podium Vosbergen in Eelde welcomes a great rising star of the Spanish piano on Saturday: Juan Pedro Garcia Oliva, brand-new winner of the YPF international piano competition, which took place in Amsterdam last month. Oliva won not only the Youri Egorov Grand Prix, but also the audience award, the chamber music award, and the award for the best performance of the compulsory competition work.

Oliva performs, among other things, the famous piano sonata passionate of Beethoven and music of Chopin. Oliva is only 20 years old but can already boast of many international awards and performances. He currently studies with Frank van de Laar at the Amsterdam Conservatory. Vosbergen has a real first with Oliva’s arrival, because it will be one of his first appearances since he won the YPF competition.

Eelde – Vosbergen Museum, Saturday 8pm, 20 euros

The misery of near death

The Rundfunk duo (Tom van Kalmthout and Yannick van de Velde) experimented with Wachstumsschmerzen a dream debut. Now the gentlemen are back with the performance. All anxiety cry.

As soon as you have left the nest, your hair will become thinner, your muscles stiffer, and your vision weaker. The oppressive fear of death and the wait for it has inevitably begun. And the only thing certain is that every second gets closer. After Wachstumsschmerzen about the pain of growing up, the guys from Rundfunk collapse todesangstcrie in the merciless misery of near death. To be seen tomorrow at the Kielzog Theater in Hoogezand.

Hoogezand – Theater Kielzog, Thursday 8:15 p.m., €23.50

The Sky Builder Eise Eisinga

Historian Arjen Dijkstra will give a lecture tomorrow at the Boekhandel Boomker in Haren on the life, work and meaning of Eise Eisinga, the creator of the Planetarium in Franeker. Arjen Dijkstra wrote a biography of Eise Eisinga. Using dozens of previously unknown sources, he manages to build an amazing image of the Sky Builder. Dijkstra places Eisinga in the context of great economic, political, and scientific changes.

The history of Eisinga and the Planetarium are closely intertwined with the rise of the modern Netherlands. Arjen Dijkstra (1979) is director of the University Museum Groningen. He specializes in the history of science.

Haren Bookstore – Boomker, Thursday 8pm, Free

What else is really special?

Why now does the photo have to indicate if it was taken without filters? Why is all the news ‘Breaking’? Why do we want to be continually provoked by all sorts of things? There are a lot of triggers and this actually has the opposite effect. Finding everything special all the time, including yourself.

In his fifth solo performance trigger Rayen Panday wonders: what else is really special? Friday on display at De Tamboer in Hoogeveen

Hoogeveen – De Tamboer, Friday 7.30pm, €19.50

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