Instagram launches automatic captions for feed videos

Stay up to date on the latest social media developments. In this social update, you’ll find out more about Facebook, Twitter, Clubhouse, Instagram and VR.

The Social Update – March 2022

This March 2022 Social Update covers the following topics:

  • Instagram launches new moderator option for IG live streams
  • The clubhouse comes with the new Wave Bar
  • Instagram comes with automated caption feed videos
  • Twitter launches live test of new profile stores to display products in the app
  • Meta expands parental controls for Instagram
  • Meta allows to control the use of virtual reality for parents
  • Instagram announces a new feed view

Instagram launches new moderator option for IG live streams

Instagram has added a new moderator option, where it is possible to assign a user moderator rights. As a content creator, it’s important to get the job done right without spending a lot of time deleting viewer hate comments or blocking annoying Instagram accounts.

Source: Instagram

This issue is common during live IG streams. Many content creators have to deal with unpleasant and offensive reactions from viewers. This is why Instagram has decided to add a moderator option.

Moderating live streams has always been a challenge for creators. During a live broadcast, a content creator has to deal with several things at once. Create content, engage with viewers, and make sure the stream is safe for viewers.

From now on, live moderators can take responsibility and help creators keep track of viewer reactions. This gives the creator the opportunity to focus on delivering high-quality content.

Creators can add a moderator themselves via a menu icon in the comment bar. It is possible to search for a specific user or choose a user based on a suggested list of Instagram.

The clubhouse comes with the new Wave Bar

The Clubhouse social platform is testing a new form of direct social interaction by adding a “Wave Bar”. You can see which friends are online through the app. With this new feature it is possible to greet friends and then invite them to chat. The following image shows an example of how it looks. It’s more like a news feed that shows all the friends online.

Clubhouse Wave Bar

Source: Clubhouse

The new feature provides the opportunity to connect with friends faster by virtually greeting them and inviting them to chat. Saying hello opens a social room instead of a private room, allowing friends to join the conversation. The social chat room can still be locked for private conversation.

The new feature was added to encourage people to use Clubhouse more often and more often. Even though the biggest hype around the app in the Netherlands is over, new members are still being added. Mainly from developing regions. Additionally, the app provides an important connection for people who understand what they hear, but are worse at reading. Clubhouse appeals to a niche with this.

Instagram comes with automated caption feed videos

After launching automatic captions for IGTV uploads, Instagram decided to take the next step by adding an auto-generated caption to their Instagram feed videos.

Instagram users can now enable automatic captions for any Instagram feed. By adding the subtitles, people can also watch the videos without sound, in case an Instagram user wants to play the video without volume. Additionally, this makes the platform more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people.

Automatic captions are one of the most requested features in the Instagram community. Right now, content creators can apply captions to everything on Instagram, including Reels, one of the fastest growing ways to watch videos on the platform.

instagram captions

Source: Instagram

Using automatic subtitles makes it easier for the creator to capture and hold the attention of users who have their sound turned off. It happens that the user is in an environment where it is annoying to play sound or when he does not have earplugs at hand. A simple example is watching the videos on the bus or public transport, where you don’t want to disturb other passengers.

This new feature is a major update for Instagram, because it will increase the number of minutes viewed. Automatic subtitles will initially be available in 17 languages. More languages ​​are expected to follow soon.

Twitter launches live test of new profile stores to display products in the app

Like many other social media apps, Twitter is also launching in-app products to boost e-commerce. The platform has already tested a shopping module for professional profiles, as well as product views in individual tweets. The new feature is also known as the Twitter store. Major professional brands can display up to fifty products on the app.

It is a free way for companies to display products. Twitter users can discover and view products from their favorite brands.

twitter store

Source: Twitter

To add products, the company must first activate the Twitter store. As a user of the platform, it is possible to view the products by entering the company profile and then clicking on “view store”. This will open the store. It is also possible to buy the products in the app by clicking on the products. The relevant product web page is opened from within the app for more information. Then it is also possible to pay.

With the current store module, companies can feature up to five products on the profile and the product catalog is expanded to fifty products based on a Twitter store. At the moment, the Twitter store is only available to select businesses in the US Twitter’s new way of e-commerce is still in the testing phase, and users are already using the new feature.

The social media platform is now testing how stores are easier to find for the international market. They are also testing further expansion of the product catalog that sellers can display. If successful, rapid implementation in other countries is expected. This may be an interesting development for companies in the Netherlands to further expand their reach.

Meta expands parental controls for Instagram

Meta introduces a new tool for parents to have more control and supervision over their young children’s use of Instagram and VR. The company has worked closely with experts, parents and teens to develop the Family Center. This is a new way for parents to control their own children’s accounts on all Meta platforms.

The new tool is currently only available in the US, with plans to roll out globally in the coming months. This makes the following features available:

  • Summary of how much time a child spends on Instagram.
  • Notifications when your own child has reported someone on Instagram and what account.
  • Update who the child follows and who their followers are.

Instagram Parental Controls

Source: Meta

To set up Family Center, access must first be granted from the child’s Instagram account. Several additional features will be added in the coming months, including the maximum number of hours a child can use Instagram.

Meta allows to control the use of virtual reality for parents

In VR, Meta also adds some monitoring and control tools for parents. Parents can link their accounts with those of their own children. This gives parents an overview of the apps that children use. This provides more control and it is also possible to approve or block different applications. Like Instagram, parents are shown an overview of the number of hours used by the headphones.

Another feature within VR Family Center is to set a certain password to use the apps. An example is that a child first needs access or an unlock pattern before they can use certain games or apps. This can be especially useful when there is an age requirement to play a game. This feature gives parents more control over the games the child plays.

The online world is becoming more and more accessible, which of course can come with many risks. There have been various reports of sexual harassment and abuse within the virtual reality world of Meta. This can be especially harmful to a child, which is why Meta focuses on developing a safe environment. The Family Center is responsible for ensuring that a child can use certain games or applications safely.

The new tool is currently only available in the US, but will roll out globally in the coming months.

Instagram announces a new feed view

The platform has confirmed that three new feeding options will arrive in the application. These are home, favorites, and a chronological track. On March 22, Instagram posted the following image on social media:

Instagram chronological order

Source: Instagram

This was a preview of the new update that was released the next day. The Instagram feed is divided into three tabs:

  • House: This is similar to the current Instagram feed, which shows various suggested posts, photos, reels, and videos.
  • favorites: This will be a feed of the most important followers of Instagram. This is also considered as “always being up to date on a person, brand or company”.
  • following: A list of all feeds for all accounts that are followed, also known as a chronological feed.

It is an important update for the user, because it creates many possibilities. After viewing the suggested content on the main page, there are two more sources available to view. This is especially beneficial for the platform, as a user is likely to spend more time looking at all sources. The user can also decide for himself which feed he likes best and which user experience suits him best.

Naturally, this creates big questions for content creators and social media marketers. Because how does this affect range? How should we deal with the call to action? How will the algorithm perform better in the future? All in all, an interesting update for anyone involved with Instagram.

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